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Finished Stardust

I finished reading the graphic novel version of Stardust Wednesday night and I have to say I really enjoyed the book. If I had any gripe with the book it would be that the final confrontation in the book wasn’t as “big” as I thought it would be. Would I read this book again? Oh yeah. I’m also looking forward to seeing the movie in the theater next week. Stardust will only be my second movie I have watched this summer, as I’ve been able to avoid the countless sequels, and no-brainer blockbusters. I’ll wait to see those on DVD (rented of course) 🙂 .

At the back of the novel, Neil Gaiman mentions that he would like to eventually revisit the town of Wall. I look forward to that. Actually, Susanna Clarke (of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell fame) has a story on her site that takes place in the Village of Wall. I had read this before, but I’m going to give it a second look.

One small note regarding the building collapse tragedy that has been in the news the past few days. One of the recurring nightmares I had as a child dealt with bridges and me careening off the bridge or the bridge collapsing. I can even remember one of these dreams from over twenty years ago and it still makes me shiver. This is rare for me as I rarely remember any of my dreams. I have faced this fear and have gotten over it, but I wonder if I might think twice the next time I’m on a bridge.