Ever Wish You Could Write Back to the Spammers?

I just got a spam comment in my queue titled “How to kill small trees and weeds”. Is it just me, or does this sound, I don’t know, evil? Don’t you feel bad for the small trees? I do. Besides, they eventually become big trees and you surely don’t want to get on their bad side. Just ask Saruman.

I’d like to write back to those spammers and say, “Hey, spammers, leave those small trees alone.” I doubt the spammers would listen, though.

OK, this is just getting silly now. Sorry.

Novel Plan Update

Thanks everyone for your thought on my novel strategy. It’s an exciting time for me and I hope to keep that excitement going.  I was able to write a few paragraphs on my synopsis yesterday, sparking some ideas for the novel.

I may start chapter one of the novel today, just to get things rolling.  I’m trying baby steps with this, and I think completing a first draft of chapter one would be a good start.

John Scalzi has some thoughts about the Stardust movie’s chances against it’s competition (such as Rush Hour 3).  Head over there to read what he has to say or take part in the discussion.  I hate to worry myself about such things as a movie’s box office performance, however that is the way things work.  If you what a certain type of movie, you better hope the movies similar to it performed well.