Ever Wish You Could Write Back to the Spammers?

I just got a spam comment in my queue titled “How to kill small trees and weeds”. Is it just me, or does this sound, I don’t know, evil? Don’t you feel bad for the small trees? I do. Besides, they eventually become big trees and you surely don’t want to get on their bad side. Just ask Saruman.

I’d like to write back to those spammers and say, “Hey, spammers, leave those small trees alone.” I doubt the spammers would listen, though.

OK, this is just getting silly now. Sorry.

5 thoughts on “Ever Wish You Could Write Back to the Spammers?

  1. I’m sure you’ve noticed my own pet spammer, “Mr Enlargement” who visits my blog on a near daily basis, the one whose spam keeps getting through despite the spam filter and the word recognition box. The guy is putting his spam in personally, right, because he’s getting past the word recognition, so he must know I’m a) female, and b) have no use for his product… so why is he wasting his time? He could be out doing voluntary work or making his first million but no, he chooses to personally spam my blog! Who are these spammers?! Why do they do it?! Don’t they have better things to do with their time?!

    Heh, I must say I do like some of the e-mail spam I get, not that I read it, but I like to see the crazy sender names they make up. Some of those names are bound to find their way into one of my stories!

  2. Ah, but when one can’t personally shut the spammers down, yank them off the net and keel-haul them off to the slammer, the next best thing along with filtering and blacklisting whenever possible, is sassing back at them in one’s blog. I threatened to hurt a spammer for calling itself by my first name or nickname. Of course, I can’t really hurt them, but it feels good saying it. Lol. Yahoogroups has become over-run with all kinds of spammers, some of them with the same usernames over and over but with different numbers before the @ sign in their email addies. Their fake domains can be pretty funny as well, so it’s funny in a silly way to make up stories about those spammers.

  3. A random factoid for you. Back in my past other life I was taking a course in the recording engineering field. As a favour to one of the instructors I did some background vocals for a local folk singer who had written a song to protest the proposed logging of Claquat Sound. An the chorus went “leave the trees alone”. It was really hard to keep a straight face singing the cheesiest lyrics I’ve ever heard. I was even told my vocal performance was a little too perfect and needed to amature it up a bit so as not to outdo the lead.

  4. Helen – I actually never saw that over at your site. Maybe since we are in different time zones you always delete it before I see it. I don’t think they have better things to do with their time or they are just lonely computer programs, trying to get attention.

    Capri – thanks for stopping by. It is fun to make fun of them.

    Chris – That’s too funny. It’s always nice when they want you to perform worse so as not to outdo the lead. “leave the trees alone” is a pretty cheesy line. 🙂

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