Text Effects and Character Names

I have been playing around with some Photoshop tutorials I came across the other day (yes, I should be writing). There is some pretty cool stuff there. I decided to try out one of the tutorials called Midnight Text Effect and here are the results:


Pretty cool, huh? Alistar is the name of the protagonist in the novel I’m working on. This text effect just seemed to fit him. Even if you don’t have Photoshop, you can still download this font for free from www.dafont.com. The font is called MoonStar. Once you download the font, unzip it and put the file in c:\windows\fonts (for Windows users). You will then be able to use it in any of your application, including Word. If you have Photoshop and want to do all the effects and colors, use the tutorial above.

Anyhow, I just thought I’d share.

Neil Gaiman on NPR

I will have a proper post later today about stuff I have actually been doing. In the meantime, I will post about what I have been posting about for the past few weeks: Neil Gaiman.

Mr. Gaiman was on NPR yesterday talking about Stardust. They have audio up on their site. It was a pretty good interview. Give it a listen. Also, remember Stardust comes out tomorrow in theaters (Friday, August 10).