My Thoughts on Stardust (the movie)

My wife and I went and saw Stardust this past Friday, and early anniversary date for us. I convinced her to do the movie portion of our date on Friday because I wanted the movie to do well it’s opening weekend. We left the decently full theater with smiles on our faces and have been talking about the movie since. I will purchase it when it comes out on DVD (which is saying something because I don’t buy DVDs anymore). I would describe Stardust as a sweet movie, one that for a few hours transported me to a different place.  That’s all I ask.

I thought the acting was solidall around. I particularly thought Claire Danes (Yvaine) and Charlie Cox (Tristan), the movie’s two leads, did a particularly good job. My wife and I liked the effects in the movie where Yvaine (the star) lit-up when she was happy.

Deniro’s part was funny, but since I had read about that before I wasn’t overly impressed or unimpressed. The dead princes did add quote a bit of humor to the story, especially in the way they died and how they reacted to their deaths.

There were a few parts that weren’t included in the movie that were in the book. The little hairy man who was in the book, wasn’t in the movie. He is the Tom Bombadil of the story, helping our hero when he first starts on his journey (interesting considering Bombadil wasn’t in the movie adaption of Lord of the Rings either). The movie started Tristan’s journey in a different way.

I would’ve also liked to have seen more in the village of Wall, but I can understand they were trying to move the story along, and this might be superfluous. Oh well.

Mostly, I just want to see this movie again. I spent the first part of the movie compare it to the book. I think I’ll enjoy Stardust even more the second time, having already made these comparisons. As far as reviews go, all you really need to know is that I want to see this movie again. That is very rare for me.

If you haven’t seen the movie, so to the Stardust Movie site, and watch the trailer. They one there is much better than the ones I have seen previously. I suggest you see it soon, though, because with the less than stellar opening weekend it probably won’t be in theaters much longer.

4 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Stardust (the movie)

  1. I saw it the other night and enjoyed it, but I thought the book was better. It felt like the book to movie transition lost a lot of the Gaiman-ness of the characters and dialog. I kept hearing it being compared to The Princess Bride, but I thought Stardust didn’t have the same any-age appeal for the audience.

    Overall, I thought it was a good movie, but it didn’t quite have the magic of the book.

    *Spoiler Warning*
    I thought it was interesting that in the book, Tristan’s mother being a princess was hidden until the end, but in the movie they told us the second she was on the screen. I thought it was a nice plot twist in the book, and I haven’t quite figured out what the purpose of that change was.
    ***End Spoiler***

  2. Rob – I liked the movie alot and didn’t get the Princess Bride comparisons either (not that either movie was better or worse, just different).

    *Spoiler Warning*
    I wondered about that too. I think it would’ve been better if they surprised the audience. Oh well. I don’t know why they changed it

  3. I have not heard of this film, neither of the book I’m sorry.
    But I will definitely look for it now as I have seen the official site.
    These types of movies really fascinate me – and I like Robert de Niro, too.

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