Writing Contest

You all remember the writing blog I mentioned the other day, Words, Words, Words, the one with the post about writing a fight scene? Anyhow, they had a link to a writing contest over at Small-Town Big-Shot. The contest is a 750 word short story contest. The prize is a $20 Amazon gift certificate. Here is the challenge and the rules directly from the site:

Write a comedy story involving at least 2 out of the following:
angry mob
black box

Story must be at least 750 words (no maximum)
Stories must be your own original work
You must actively use at least 2 of the items listed
Try to keep it somewhat appropriate for this site
I will judge only on humor and creativity
You may submit as many entries as you like

For those of you who have read any of my work, this is totally in my sweet spot. Most of the stuff I write tends to be on the funny side. Check out some of my Ficlets if you don’t believe me. The only downside is the deadline is September 1. Anyhow, check out the contest and let me know if you plan on entering. We’ll see if I enter.