Under Pressure

There are many different types of pressure in life such as money, work, and being human in general.  I just found a new type of pressure tonight.

I was hanging out with my daughter (15 months old) this evening when I smelled something funky.  It was the dreaded #2. It was upstairs for us.  On the way to the changing table I grabbed three wipes and got to work.  Unfortunately, staring back at me was a six wipe bum.

Now I like to think of myself as cool under pressure.  In this case, I had to improvise. With beads of sweat forming on my brow, I carefully used my three wipes, cleaning the area as much as possible without any stuff to skin contact. Then, I grabbed one of the cloths we have under the changing table, and finished the job. My daughter was laughing at me on the inside, I’m sure.

Crisis averted.

The response I just received from my wife as I told her this story was,”You’re doing the laundry this week.”  I get no sympathy around here. I guess having to do this four times in one day may have hardened her a little 🙂 .

Speaking of poop, I’ve started my entry for the writing contest I mentioned the other day.  This one was started the old fashioned way, with pencil and paper (a scrap piece of paper I had laying around rather than the Moleskine).  I’m happy with it so far.

8 thoughts on “Under Pressure

  1. Kiko is still doing four of those a day too. He is so active that to avoid, ahem, yucky disasters (a.k.a bum prints on furniture), I stand him in the bath and hose him down with the shower attachment. I got so sick of baby wipes – they all stick together and you can’t get them out of the packet with one hand.

    I must say, I’ll be sending Kiko’s Daddy to take a leaf out of your book. He doesn’t change nappies or do the laundry! Hmmmmmmmm! Do I have mug written across my forehead?!

  2. The first time I ever got a babysitting job I had to deal with a very unexpected #2. The kid was a toddler and I hadn’t thought of the incident occurring, so I had no idea where his parents kept the wipes, baby-changing mat, spare nappies, etc. Sometimes we are faced with these poop crises and we are simply expected to cope!

    I look forward to reading your entry, if you post it here. 🙂

  3. I was startled by this line ***Speaking of poop, I’ve started my entry for the writing contest I mentioned ***

    I just can’t wait to read your entry, heeeheee.

    I’d also like to thank you for encouraging me into writing my own entry!

  4. Soph- that sounds worse than what I had to deal with 🙂 Also, I will post my contest entry once I have finished it.

    SzélsőFa – it was startling to me, too 🙂 I’m glad I inspired you to enter.

  5. Heh heh, you’re right, it is a bonding experience! I’ve recently convinced him that taking Kiko to the park and leaving me at home to write is another crucial bonding experience. Unfortunately it’s raining today….!

  6. Dear Struggling Writer,

    I did the laundry, so hmm, this week you are like Kiko’s daddy. But, you did prevail when I had a headache, and did the dishes… She has us around to be her jesters and her servants, but at least we get hugs and kisses (sometimes) in return.

    -CC Girl

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