Answers – Part 1

Thanks again for the great questions. I was worried no one was going to ask anything and I would have to make up questions. It turns out, you all asked some good ones. This should be fun. Here is part 1 of your interview:

  1. Why the Ottawa Senators?

    You are probably referring to the Ottawa Senators logo I had on this blog for a while. This stems from a friendly wager I had with Cavan during the first round of the playoffs, when his Senators were playing my Pittsburgh Penguins. The deal was we would support the other team if our team lost. Well, the Senators beat the Penguins, so I had to support Ottawa the rest of the playoffs. Hence the Senators logo.

    I’ve been a Penguins fan since the early nineties. The reason for that is that I’m from the middle of Pennsylvania, and we have two hockey teams in the state: the Pens and the Flyers. My dad is from the Pittsburgh area and we have always followed teams from Pittsburgh. I play in an adult hockey league every fall, so you will soon be reading posts about how much pain I’m in from being out of shape. OK, enough about hockey.

  2. Do you often get headaches/migraines? Are you a big baby like me when it comes to them?
  3. I don’t get migraines, as far as I know the definition of migraines. I do get a pretty severe sinus headache, nausea about once every couple months. This isn’t very often, but when it happens I do go into shutdown mode. In fact, I started developing one yesterday, but had a cup of coffee and that helped, for whatever reason. Caffeine withdrawal?

  4. Actually, who is your favorite NSync member?
  5. This is a pretty funny question. I’m really a fan of boy bands in general, but I guess they do make some catchy music. And by catchy music, I mean music that embeds itself in your skull for eternity. If I had to pick a favorite member of N’Sync I would have to go with Joey Fatone, because he seems to have a sense of humor and was in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding (I’m 50% Greek).

    Just for the record, my least favorite N’Sync member is Justin Timberlake.

  6. And if you could only listen to 3 CDs for the rest of your life, what would they be.This question is just so difficult, it’s evil. I’d probably have to bring some of my CDs I’ve had for a while, because they’ve held up to my changing tastes.
    • Weezer: The Blue Album – every song on this album rocks.
    • Queen’s Greatest Hits Volume 2 – again, you can listen to this whole album without skipping a song. From We Will Rock You to I want to Break Free, this one is excellent. The only song missing is Bohemian Rhapsody.
    • The Offspring – Smash – this album meant a lot to me in my anti-establishment phase. Plus, listening to this album gets the blood flowing, and that’s always a good thing.
  7. Who is your single favourite author of all time? No cheating and choosing more than one person.

    Hmm. favorite author of all time? I bounce around on this one all the time. I guess right now it would have to be Terry Pratchett, because I really enjoy the mix of humor and SciFi/fantasy in his books.

    I place more stock in the story, rather than “good writing”. I do like the occasional “literary” novel, such as Of Mice and Men or To Kill a Mockingbird, but overall I just want to be entertained. I would also say that Neil Gaiman is gaining on Pratchett for the title of my favorite author.

Check back later for part two of my Answers.