Antique Typewriters

I saw this on boingboing the other day and thought you all might be interested.  There’s an excellent website dedicated to old typewriters called The Classic Typewriter Page, whichincludes typewriter facts, how to restore typewriters, and plenty of links and pictures.

I have to admit there is a certain romance in owning and writing on one of these beautiful machines.  I think I make too many mistakes for writing on a typewriter to be practical, though.  I did learn to type on an actual typewriter, though.  I wonder if they still teach “typing” in High School?

I think my favorite is the 1935/1936 Royal.

Neil Gaiman’s The Books of Magic For Free

I was cruising through Vertigo Comics site the other day and came across their Vertigo #1s site, on which you can download .pdf versions of some of their comics for free. It really is a cool idea and a good way to find new reading material. On that site I found Neil Gaiman’s The Books of Magic for download (since it is Vertigo, the comic is for Mature Readers, whatever that means).


I read on Gaiman’s site that there have been comparisons drawn between The Books of Magic and Harry Potter (The Books of Magic was released first). For example, The Books of Magic are about a kid who wears glasses, does magic, and has a pet owl. In reading the first twenty pages of the book, though, I think the similarities are mostly superficial.

Here is the wikipedia entry for The Books of Magic.

Anyhow, I figured all of you Gaiman fans would be interested in this. Enjoy!