Monday and Finally Finished Harry Potter 7

I finished up the last Harry Potter book last night at midnight making me probably the last person in the world to read it. I’ll give you further thoughts on the book at another time, but my initial reaction is that I really enjoyed this book. Let’s put it this way, the book is over 700 pages long (larger than normal font, but still big) and it had me enthralled from the start. I only have time to read in bits, so I would read some, put the book down, and anticipate the next time I would be able to read. That is rare and the make of a great book.

I watched my daughter last night while my wife went jogging for the first time in a while. It has been tough for her to get time to run because of taking care of our little one. Also, my daughter cries any time her “Mamma” leaves the room (even for a moment), so I have to distract her when my wife leaves. Last night we watched her “Pup video” together.

Our daughter still is feeling a little under the weather and my wife and I got it too. Luckily my parents came over to help Saturday night. I’m finally feeling a little better today, which is nice.

Have you all heard about the new iPod Touch. It sounds like a pretty sweet device. I wrote about it Friday on Nerdzapper. I think the iPhone is way too expensive, but I think the new iPod is pretty fairly priced and would surely buy one if I had a spare $299 lying around. Thoughts?

Oh, and I did absolutely no writing 😦