Monday and Finally Finished Harry Potter 7

I finished up the last Harry Potter book last night at midnight making me probably the last person in the world to read it. I’ll give you further thoughts on the book at another time, but my initial reaction is that I really enjoyed this book. Let’s put it this way, the book is over 700 pages long (larger than normal font, but still big) and it had me enthralled from the start. I only have time to read in bits, so I would read some, put the book down, and anticipate the next time I would be able to read. That is rare and the make of a great book.

I watched my daughter last night while my wife went jogging for the first time in a while. It has been tough for her to get time to run because of taking care of our little one. Also, my daughter cries any time her “Mamma” leaves the room (even for a moment), so I have to distract her when my wife leaves. Last night we watched her “Pup video” together.

Our daughter still is feeling a little under the weather and my wife and I got it too. Luckily my parents came over to help Saturday night. I’m finally feeling a little better today, which is nice.

Have you all heard about the new iPod Touch. It sounds like a pretty sweet device. I wrote about it Friday on Nerdzapper. I think the iPhone is way too expensive, but I think the new iPod is pretty fairly priced and would surely buy one if I had a spare $299 lying around. Thoughts?

Oh, and I did absolutely no writing 😦

9 thoughts on “Monday and Finally Finished Harry Potter 7

  1. Glad you and your family are getting over the bug. And glad you enjoyed Harry Potter 7 – no, I don’t think you’re the last person in the world to read it – I know someone who’s only just started the series and someone else who’s still busy with book 5. I’ll be interested to hear your further thoughts.

  2. I want an iPod touch so much. I wanted an iPhone but as they are looking like doing a deal with a different network to the one I am with in the UK, this is the ideal compromise. I can keep my old phone and still have touch screen grooviness to play with. I am a total Apple nut, I confess.

    I read HP7 in a weekend and am now about to re-read the ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy which I also loved. For children’s books, they are remarkably gripping!I read ‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak recently – also supposedly a young adult book and I thought it was excellent. Maybe I’m just a child at heart!

  3. It’s very important that Momma gets some time off – if Mom is happy, kid(s) will be happy. I find it that easy.
    Still, finding time to run and to get out in general is extremely hard.

    I can’t help you with the iPod thing, I’m sorry…

    For not writing?
    I have not written a single line in a long time.
    I have started missing it so badly, but I know I can’t force it.

  4. Thanks Absolute Vanilla. I’m feeling better. Not sure about the rest of the family. It is cold season already.

    Diane – Let me know if you get the iPod. I will have to check out those books.

    SzélsőFa – you are right and I try to give her some time off. I hope you get to write too.

    Rob – I’ll try to mark spoilers.

  5. I hope you all get better soon and don’t get any more nasties. Kiko has come down with yet another cold which has triggered his asthma and we’re back to living at the doctor’s – oh and his glue ear’s back! The next thing on his to-do list is to pass the lurgy on to us! I had something insightful to say but a tiny voice is ordering me to clean the “caca” (a.k.a. weetbix) off his hands….

  6. I’m glad you liked the 7th book – I think it was one of my favourites. None of them beat the 4th, but I know what you mean about it being really gripping from start to finish. What did you think of the ‘Nineteen Years Later’ part, though? It ties up all the loose ends and stops people from writing awful spin-offs, but it still felt a little cliche to me. Still, I won’t hold it against Ms Rowling, I think she’s great. :]

    I’m sorry you’ve all been ill, good to know you’re feeling a bit better and I hope your daughter and wife recover soon too.

  7. I think that writing a blog qualifies as writing, so keep up the work, cutie. Plus, thanks for the time off, it does help! And, stop reading over my shoulder…..

    –CC Girl

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