One Loss, Almost Two

Well, I didn’t win the contest at Small-town Big World. Another devastating blow for Ye Olde Struggling Writer. I’m OK actually, though I really wanted to win so I could pick up the new Terry Pratchett novel that’s coming out next week. Instead I’ll just have to wait until Christmas or see if the local library gets it. I thought I had it made, since my one writing talent is humor. No big deal, though. I enjoyed writing my story.

The day started out on a smelly note when I thought it would be a bright idea to change my daughter’s diaper on our bed. I was wrong, but I guess the positive thing is we will sleep on nice sheets tonight.

In the afternoon we went to a birthday party for a little boy in my daughter’s play group. He turned two years old. My face hurt afterwards from smiling so much. They were all so cute eating their little chocolate cupcakes.

We wound up eating dinner at 8:00 PM tonight, getting back late from buying groceries after the party. We had some pretty good macaroni and cheese, but my daughter wasn’t too into it. So, I decided I’d cut some honeydew for her, which she loves. I got out the mellon cutting knife, the one that could take out a tree if I tried, and started to cut. It wouldn’t cut, wouldn’t cut, then all of a sudden it sliced through and into my middle finger on my left hand. My first thought was a swear word, but my second one was “we’re going to have to go to the Emergency Room tonight.” Luckily, we stopped the bleeding and everything is ok.

Anyhow, it was an eventful day.