Little Time in the Morning: A Tale of Whoa(!)

Each morning I wake up before everyone else in my house, get my shower, and then get dressed. When I’m done in the shower my wife wakes up and gets her shower. We do all this with the hopes our daughter will remain sleeping, so we can get ready without having to “referee” our little 16 month old daughter who loves to pull things off tables and have fun. She usually wakes up right as my wife gets into the shower, and I have to quickly get dressed and then attend to her. This is all important background information for my story today.

Anyhow, yesterday my daughter woke up, of course, while I was getting ready. It wasn’t too bad, though. I was able to get dressed, take her downstairs for her milk, and read her new Elmo book to her, all before driving to work. When I got to work I booted up my computer, made a nice cup of Tea, and checked my email. All was right with the world. After a while, I made a trip down the hall to the bathroom, only to discover I had been sitting there the whole time with my underwear on backwards.

Yep, you read that correctly. It’s not every day one wears one’s undergarments the wrong way, and no I’m not trying to start a new trend. Anyhow, I think this perfectly illustrates what it’s like to be a parent.

Just for the record, my underwear is on correctly today.  And now I feel I’ve shared too much!