Make Your Own Witch Kitchen Jars

It’s Monday and I haven’t really begun to formulate any ideas yet, so I thought I’d share with you all something cool I saw on Boing Boing this morning. It’s a little early for Halloween (as if that is possible), but if I don’t share now I’ll probably forget. Anyhow, here is a site that describes how to make Witch Kitchen Jars, you know stuff like “Hob Goblin Brains”, “Dragon Embryos” and “Bat Blood”. This “Nightmare Larvae” one looked particularly cool:

In addition to pictures, the site also gives some pointers on how to make the jars, print and age the labels, and even to add the little touches such as the twine on the bottles. I’m always interested in all things Halloween, so this site gave me a little smile on a Monday morning.


Actually, I like the whole site except for the “North American Garden Gnome Heads”. That’s just wrong 🙂