Elmo’s Advice of the Day

Monday night we went to the Library to return some books and of course pick a few more up. One of the books, well CDs,cinderelmo.jpg we picked up was CinderElmo, which is a play on the classic Cinderella, with Elmo playing the (male) Cinderella part. It’s a pretty cute story. Actually we picked up the CinderElmo Soundtrack CD, which is more of a “book on cd” rather than a straight music soundtrack.

Anyhow, the theme to this movie has some relevance to those of us who dream to be writers, or those of us who dream at all. There’s a line in the movie that is said by Elmo’s Fairy Godperson and repeated throughout the movie that says:

“If you have a dream, do the thing that makes the dream come true”

This really is good advice. If you dream of writing a novel, go out and write a novel. If you have already written something and dream of being published, go out and submit it somewhere, because it’s not going to submit itself. If you want to be a writer, write!

That settles it for me, I’m definitely doing NaNoWriMo this year. Sure I have not chance of finishing, and I am a little crazy to even try, but a guy’s gotta dream, right?

9 thoughts on “Elmo’s Advice of the Day

  1. Wow, who knew Elmo’s fairy god-thing gave such great advice!

    Sure you’ve got a chance of finishing. And even if you don’t, you’ll be much farther along in the game than you would be if you didn’t do it. Welcome to the crazy circle. 🙂

  2. Michelle – thanks for the encouragement. My goal is to get as close to the 50,000 as possible or beat my total from last year (I think around 12,000 or so).

    Diane – I saw it and thank you! I will write about my award tomorrow 🙂

    Soph – I will post updated wordcounts and excerpts when the time comes.

  3. I like the Godperson’s advice. That has put me in a good mood. Kiko calls all the characters on Sesame Street “teddy” but he calls Elmo “bebby”. He has Elmo slippers, they are so cute but he’s almost grown out of them. (And isn’t the library great? One of the ones I go to has a toy library, which is the best thing ever! Yesterday I borrowed Kiksy a massive farm Duplo set, it is worth its weight in gold, all he wants to do is play with it… quietly!)

  4. is so amazing movie ever i seen and i so million times off that show and i love elmo so much he is the cutest ever and i wanted something can someone tell me where i can downlad this full soundtrack mp3 song for free?

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