Writing Opportunity

Serendipity, the free monthly journal of magical realist fiction I mentioned last week, is according to their blog seeking submissions, especially from female writers. Here are their submission guidelines.

I planned on submitting something to them soon, even though I’m a guy :), but I figured some of you might be interested as well.

A Major Award!

fres-floydcraigbrian.jpgDiane gave me an award yesterday because in her words I have “been very supportive of my work and needs some of my ‘exuberant energy’ to cope with his very cute daughter! He still manages to produce a funny, highly readable and instructive blog!”. Such kind words that I really appreciate. If you get a chance check out her blog. She posts many excellent pictures of her amazing bookbinding projects.

Actually, I suggest you check out the blogs of all the people who comment here often, you all do such a great job. I’m basically here trying to share a little of the information I have without sounding too tongue tied. It’s amazing people keep coming back. You all really do keep me writing. Thanks!

I just saw a link on the NaNoWriMo blog today to an blog on which the author is writing a novel based on based on a plot/character poll he posted up on his blog. He was having trouble deciding what his novel should be about, so he asked his readers. Such a good idea (I’m jealous). His blog is called Plotastic. Since he has had so much help writing the novel, rather than keep the profits if it gets sold he’s going to donate them to charity! Amazing.

Look Friday for a post about my upcoming Adult ice hockey league season in which I discuss my game early Saturday morning and how out of shape I am.