Sad News

I got a bit of bad news last night, not long after we arrived home from our travels. My Grandmother died unexpectedly. If I’m not around here much the next couple days, this is why.

She was an amazing woman, my Grandmother. When she had us over to visit she would always prepare a great meal (stuffed grape leaves if we were lucky) and never sit to eat until she was sure everyone had everything they needed (meaning she usually sat to eat herself only when everyone else was done). Each morning she would make sure I had my favorite breakfast (lots and lots of bacon). It was only recently that my Dad took over that duty.

She loved Pittsburgh Pirates baseball. How many other Grandma’s do you know that can tell you the names of all the guys on the team, including the utility infielders that never play? That’s right, none. I used to love talking baseball with her on the phone. No matter how bad the Pirates were (15 straight losing seasons), she always stayed positive, telling me that maybe next year they’ll be better. It’s a shame she won’t be around to see it.

Eventually, I’ll be ok. Right now I’m in shock. Things will never be the same, though, that much is for sure. Christmas, and Easter, and Thanksgiving, and everything in between will just be a little less shiny now.

This is definitely going to affect my NaNoWriMo efforts. I have such a hard time writing fiction when I’m not in a good frame of mind. I’ll try to fight my way through it, though.

I do have a favor to ask of all of you. If your Grandparents are still around, why not give them a call, or write them a letter, just to let them know you’re thinking about them. Chances are this will make their day, and yours too.

A Hot Day at the Farm

I’m writing this with a heavy heart this morning, but I’ll talk about that later today.  First, I’d like to talk about happy things.

We had a good weekend visiting my wife’s family and attending our niece’s birthday party.  Before the party we went to a fall festival at a farm where my daughter got to carry around pumpkins, see some animals, and we all went on a hay ride.  The only bad part was that it was unseasonably warm.  It should not be 90 degrees in Pennsylvania in October.  Where’s my Autumn?

The planning for nanowrimo is moving along.  I’ve roughed out ideas for four chapters so far and have a pretty good idea about my main villain, protagonist, and a “mentor” character.  It isn’t much, but is way more planning than I have every done.

I’ve been reading Fragile Things a little bit, and I discovered there are some stories in there I’ve read previously online.  I’m really happy to have them in print now, particularly the Matrix story and the story set in the American Gods universe.

I see I’ve inspired a few people to try NaNoWriMo this year. That’s very cool.  I hope we’re all successful, whatever that means.

Happy Monday everyone (says the Struggling Writer, forcing a smile)!