Poetry and Limericks

My NaNoWriMo project includes a mentor character, the Golden Rod character, that gives our hero some advice before his journey. This character isn’t the typical mentor character (I hope) as he has his own reasons for sending our hero on this journey, and is not as forthcoming with the truth as he could be.

Anyhow, I thought an interesting way for Golden Rod to dispense his wisdom would be by talking in Limericks. I did a little searching yesterday and found a page on How to Write a Limerick. It’s a pretty good site and lo and behold I wrote my first limerick. Here it is (please don’t laugh at me, I’m not a poet):

There was a young man from the North,

Who fled his mechanical horse

He started a lad,

But an adventure he’s had,

The young  wee ones to freedom brought forth

Anyhow, it’s not great but I think it will serve it’s purpose in the first draft.

I also found a great book of Fairy Poems (originally published in 1922), Down-adown-derry; a book of fairy poems, as a free .pdf download at the Interned Archive. Check that out if you get the chance.