My Fantasy Story Map for NaNoWriMo

Well, I cleaned up my map as well as I could, though you might not be able to tell looking at it. I was going to add color, but I think that made it too “computery”, so I’m leaving it black and white.

The purpose for creating this map was to help me visualize the journey my character is going to go on. This acts as a sort-of outline in that as you move along the map you move along in the plot. This is a rough draft and there aren’t proper place names yet, as I haven’t thought that stuff up yet (that’s what draft 1 of the story is for).

Making this map helped me think of bits of the story I still need to add (conflict!) and I’m working on that. Overall, it was a fun process.

My map making process:

  1. Draw Draft 1 in pencil on plain white printer paper
  2. Draw Draft 2 in Sharpie or whatever dark, black marker (scans better)
  3. Scan in the image
  4. Fix things up in Photoshop (or whatever image editing software) duplicating items such as trees on the computer rather than by hand
  5. Print the map on “special paper” (I will do this when I get home)
  6. Post to the blog and hope not to make a fool of myself

Anyhow, here’s the map. Click on the image below to make it bigger.bandwmap.jpg

Map Scanned

I finished a rough draft of my map around midnight last night, after driving my daughter around to get her to sleep. I haven’t had to do that in a long time, but my wife wasn’t feeling well so we had to resort to that trick. I was going to post the map first thing this morning, but having looked at it, I realized that it was so sophomoric I would take some time to clean it up before posting it here. That’s not to say it will look great later, just that it won’t look like it was done with crayon by a tired dad at midnight with his non-dominant hand.

A particularly troubling part of the rough draft of the map was the dragon that I drew. Upon seeing my masterpiece, my daughter said “turtle”. Yep, my daughter said my dragon was a turtle. My wife just said, “Is that supposed to be part of it’s head or an eye?”. Anyhow, I hope to post it sometime this afternoon.

Finally, I still have my memes I have to do. I haven’t forgotten. I will try to get to those soon.

———————-Edit ———————————–

Aw, heck.  Here’s the poor pathetic turtle dragon I drew.