I just discovered Bookmooch today.  Actually, I’ve known about Bookmooch for a while, but signed up today.  In fact, I entered some of my books in the system and got a request for one of them right away.   I turned around and put in a request for Lud-In-The-Mist.

For those who don’t know, the way Bookmooch works is that you list the books you own on the site and people can request them from you.  If you send them a book, you gain a point. You can then use that point to request books from other people.  The only cost is the shipping costs to send someone your book.   It’s a nice way to get rid of books you no longer want without having to throw them away and it’s a nice way to receive books you want for “free”.

I have added a feed of my Bookmooch Inventory at the bottom of the sidebar on the right hand side of this site.  Most of the stuff I’m giving away right now is non-fiction computer programming books (C++ anyone?).  My wife had me list one of her books, though.

It’s a pretty neat system, and I’m sure I could waste a bunch of writing time there.  Anyone else using Bookmooch?

8 thoughts on “Bookmooch

  1. Yes, I’ve been on Bookmooch for a while, but I totally embarrassed myself with it last month. Somebody wanted to mooch one of my books and I clicked on “Have Sent” straightaway because I was about to go out to the post office. The book was in Kikzy’s room and I was waiting for him to wake up so we could go out… but when he did, the book wasn’t there! I searched high and low for it and couldn’t find it and ended up having to write and apologise to the moocher. I was so embarrassed! Two of my books have vanished recently, this one and one that I know I would never give away. I don’t know whether I’m going mad or we have pixies or what. Anyway, since then I’ve been a bit “off” Bookmooch, even though the whole scenario was my fault. Also, I’ve given away loads of books and only mooched one – and that one never turned up!

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