Question of the Day: Notebooks

Has anyone in the history of the universe ever filled a notebook from page 1 to page x?

I only ask this because I have a bunch of Moleskine notebooks that I started to write in, only to see the next shiny new notebook and push the old notebook to the side.  I can’t be the only one who does this.

I have a problem.  Help! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Question of the Day: Notebooks

  1. Welcome to Planet Diane. It’s good to see you have come over to the dark side 🙂

    It’s full of half used or even empty notebooks. They are plotting to take over the world…

  2. I’m raising a hand.
    Yes, I’ve been known for filling up notebooks completely, yes, between the two covers, from page zero to page last.
    I even write on the inside of the covers.
    Sometimes I write on the outside as well, yes, yes.
    I am like that.

    Too bad, I have typed so much in the past two years, I have almost completely forgotten how to write with my hands.

  3. To be honest, I write forwards, backwards, upside down and side-to-side in my notebooks… but I have been known to meet myself in the middle from time to time 😀

  4. Sorry, my friend.
    I have filled over seven notebooks from cover to cover, and yes, I have written on the back cover because I can never end a story on the last line of the page…it’s too difficult to time my endings. But, I can understand you pushing away a notebook for a shiny new one…People do that with lots of other things…like cars.

  5. Oh wow. Never. In fact, I can’t even seem to keep most of a notebook dedicated to one single theme or project, making it nearly impossible to use anything in there. That’s why I went to binders with dividers for specific projects. I still have small notebooks I keep with me for jotting down random things. But no, I NEVER fill them. Weird. At least I’m not the only one! 🙂

  6. I barely manage to get to page 2 before I give up on the notebook! I’m an avid writer, but the computer’s my medium, pure and simple. Otherwise, my stories/articles/essays circulate in my head over and over until I can reach the keyboard!

  7. I try to curb my inner voice telling me to buy a new notebook. I have 3 that I have used for a few pages hoping to categorise my thoughts. One of it is in a mess right now. 😛

  8. Eeh, funnily enough, I’m coming to the end of a notebook right now. I got it from Smiggle, which is a cool Australian stationery shop. Of course, it almost being finished was the perfect excuse for me to run out and buy another one! The one that’s almost finished has got a blue robot on it, and the new one has little cars on it. So cool!!!! I use up notebooks all the time… yet I also have heaps of them where I’ve only written on a few pages! I’d love to know the secret of sticking-to-notebooks-until-the-end. Why do some compel you to write in them and others lose their magic immediately? That is a mystery of life…

  9. Never had a Moleskin notebook. But then again I never actually filled every page of every notebook I used. I tend to do my first drafts in notebooks and then move to the computer. if I’m doing blog posts’ drafts then I tear the pages with the draft out and throw it away… So sometimes all that’s left from my notebook is the covers 😛

  10. With my regular notebooks, the answer is no. And I don’t fill them in in order either. I randomly open a page that day and put stuff in it. When my Nana died, I went through some of her old notebooks, calorie counts, poems, life stuff. It drove me crazy that it was totally random and out of order (just like mine are!)

    When I got serious about trying to do this book writing thing, I had to go through 10 years of erratically non-sequentially written in notebooks. To find and attempt to pull together all the pieces I had written of the story over the years. I thought I would lose my mind. So now, for my stories (main ones) I have primary notebooks, and anything that relates to this story goes in it’s notebook. With this new system I do fill every page of the story notebooks. But I freak out when I fill it up and am out of its paper, so I tend to stock up on empty notebooks. I love notebooks. (My son however has pointed out to me that since my handwriting is frequently illegible (a fact, I find very stressful), that I shouldn’t bother with the notebooks, and should type in my ideas from the start. But how can I jot down notes then, while I am driving the car?)

  11. I have a bit of both…journals and morning pages filled to the end…short fiction erratically placed in unfilled notebooks. Now if I could only fill up the notebooks with fiction…

  12. I write on all the right-hand pages first, then doodle on the left-hand pages. That being said, I do have a lot of notebooks that are around three-fourths filled. Oh, the guilt. 😉

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