What I Know About This Year’s NaNoWriMo

  1. It’s gonna be fun.
  2. It’s gonna be tiring.
  3. Somewhere in the middle, I will get burnt out, but I’ll have to keep going.
  4. There will be interruptions. There is Thanksgiving, weekends, and a memorial 40 days after my Grandma’s death (A Greek Orthodox thing). The point is that there are probably less than 30 days of writing time for me in November. The days I write I’m going to have to really WRITE.
  5. I’ll share some excerpts here. That’s the beauty of doing this one on the computer rather than paper. I’ll be able to let you all see what I’m writing, good or bad.
  6. I’ll be jealous about how much further along you all are than I.  Trust me, this will happen.
  7. The first day will be the key for me.  I want to write A LOT that first day.  I’d like to get up to 5,000 words, if possible, to build up a nice big cushion.

Feel free to make a similar post or your blog or leave some comments here about what you know about this year’s NaNoWriMo.

24 thoughts on “What I Know About This Year’s NaNoWriMo

  1. Sorry about your Grandma.

    I have never done NaNoWriMo before. A few days ago, I told my husband to expect me to be emotionally erratic for the month of November. (due to NaNo). He said maybe I should not do it then. Which is so not the attitude I was hoping for. I suppose I shall have to find a support network through reading the blog posts of fellow NaNoWriMos. (speaking of which I am supposed to be typing in my notebook notes, so I will be able to read all my story notes by Nov. 1. It isn’t even November yet and already I feel I am falling behind.)

    I agree about the first day being important. If I don’t set it up with that sort of significance from day one, I wont have the wave of energy and adrenaline to carry me through.

  2. Taffiny – We’re all here to support each other. Remember, though, this is supposed to be fun. I look at it like this: I normally write maybe 5,000 words of fiction a month. Anything more than that makes NaNoWriMo a success in my book.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Best of luck to all NANOs!

    Things I know –
    I will get frustrated when plot elements don’t fall into line.
    I will become quite self-assured at my amatuerness.
    I will love the fact that I’m actually trying.
    I will have an excuse to ignore housework.
    I will fall in love with something I’ve written.
    I will come out of this with a greater belief that I can try all over again.

  4. Great blog here! Can’t believe I’m just stumbling on you now!

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother.

    Good luck on Nanowrimo. I’m going to pass this year as I have just too much going on. But I am going to enjoy reading about everyone’s progress on it this year. And 5,000 words? Wow, good luck on that!

  5. Hoodie – “quite self-assured at my amatuerness” I konw this feeling all too well.

    Ello – thanks! I have your blog saved at del.icio.us and read from time to time. Thanks for stopping by!

    Michelle – Thanks!

  6. This is my second Nano, and I’m co-MLing the Brighton area, so there’s a lot I don’t know.
    What I do know is:
    -I’m heading for my first burnout already, because I still haven’t organised the kick off meeting properly (was away from the weekend and someone failed to return a call).
    -I’m going to be sooo busy all month. I’ve already got loads to do on the first three days and evenings, without squeezing a novel in. And let’s not think about full time work, which was not an issue last year
    -I’m NOT going to be able to do much on the first day, but if I get up early enough on the second day……
    -I’m repeatedly going to turn up for work on about two hours sleep and have to explain to everyone that no, I’m not hung over, I’ve just been writing a lot…okay?
    -I have no plot.
    -I have no real characters.
    -I am going to have so much fun.

    (That last one’s taking a lot of faith….but it’s there…and it’s almost certainly the most accurate in the long term)

  7. Over from Moontopples–this is my first NanoWriMo and some of the things I don’t know:
    1)Where the extra time will come from considering full-time job and six hours graduate school
    2)How I will find it in me to sit back down at the computer again and again
    3)How to cut off the inner critic and let the words flow

    And a couple of knowns:
    1)I’ll be starting from ground zero–no plot, characters, etc.
    2)I’ll be looking at other’s word counts to help my motivation
    3)I will feel quite blessed to make it through on the other side anywhere near the goal of 50,000

  8. Even I am getting excited about this and I’m not a writer! Maybe I should invent the NaMaBoMo – National Make a Book Month. Make as many books in a month as possible. Hold on I already do that!

    I am looking forward to following your progress 🙂

  9. Diane – 🙂 I hope I am able to report positive progress. I hope I don’t crash and burn, with all of you watching and wishing me good luck. That would be horrible.

    NaMaBoMo would be cool and you would do that easily.

  10. What I know about this year’s NaNo:

    1. I will face my family accusing me of being addicted to the computer
    2. I will have to keep slow pace at the beginning of the month because I need to study for exams
    3. I will have to write more than 30,000 in the last 10 days.
    4. I will manage to actually do the NaNo, work, study and keep my online life alive.

    Re: 4. Because I’ll be damned if I don’t 😛

  11. Um, what’s NaNoWriMo? I hear y’all talking about it, but I keep forgetting to look it up, but I never forget to look at your blog, so tell me!!!
    You can either respond here or on my blog, I’ll check either one!

  12. I love this totally honest list. I think you are throroughly right with every single item on it.
    But you’ve missed one thing:
    it will keep you company, too.
    Virtually speaking, there will be many others around you doing NaNo and struggling like you 🙂
    Even I am excited about it.

  13. Nothing

    I really don’t know what to expect. I don’t know how much I’m going to accomplish (although, I can take a guess), how I’m going to handle the work, or how I’m going to feel about it.

    This may be a case of ignorance being bliss.

  14. Hey, do you know how to actually find the people you know on NaNoWriMo to add them as writing buddies. I have a few blogging buddies who are doing it this year and I can’t figure that piece out.

    Good luck and good writing!

  15. CardioGirl – You need them to give you a link to their profile page. For example, mine is http://www.nanowrimo.org/user/85108. The key is the number at the end. If they log onto their profile, they will see this address. You can’t find anyone the normal way right now because they disabled their “user search” feature because it was slowing things down. I hope this helps!

  16. Thank you 🙂

    By the way, don’t you find the page takes.

    I can’t imagine how slow it would be if they had the search function on there. Grrr. Good luck this month (coming up).

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