Break Out Bloggers – Sharing the Love

Diane awarded me with the Break Out Bloggers award today, which gives me the opportunity to post about the great upswing in activity I’ve been experiencing the past month or so and it also allows me to hopefully direct that attention elsewhere as well.

First of all, thank you all so much for coming here to read my various writings, to gawk at my crude drawings, or to just say hello. You all keep me going here. This here blog received a record 370 visits yesterday, which is amazing. My post, Frank – A Halloween Short Story, was read by 159 people! On my best months, this blog averages around 2000 visitors. This month I am near 6,000! Here’s a graph, just for the heck of it:


I hope this trend continues.

I’d also like to point you to a couple blogs you all might not know about. Julie K. Rose has been talking NaNoWriMo in the past few days, which in addition to her Word-Hoard posts and Myths, folklore & symbolism posts make her blog one you should be reading.

Miss Jane has been writing some really good posts about writing craft, many of which you should read before NaNoWriMo. In addition to those, she has also offered to edit your story for free. I plan on taking her up on this and maybe you will too.

Finally, have you seen D L Ennis’s photographs? I could write an entire novel based on any one of them. Take a look at Picnic in the Mist. See what I mean?

These are just a few of the blogs who I think are Breaking Out. If I didn’t mention your blog, please don’t be offended. I enjoy yours as much as any of these. I’m relatively new to these and figured you might be as well.

Finally, don’t forget to check out my other post today, Fairy Tales; Their Origin and Meaning by John Thackray Bunce.

Again, thank you all for reading. Please continue.

7 thoughts on “Break Out Bloggers – Sharing the Love

  1. Graphs are pretty πŸ˜› I love any graphic representation of anything πŸ˜› And your stats are impressive Ms.Popular πŸ˜›

    And for the record. Now you’ve said it. Hundreds of people read you saying you’ll send me your work! There’s no turning back *insert evil laughter here*

  2. Miss Jane – I do have a pretty funny story I posted here last year that some people liked that was about the time Christmas was saved by Scott Baio and Santa’s Elves. I’m scared to re-read it, so I have no idea how good it really was.

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