NaNoWriMo Rituals

Julie asked if we have any NaNoWriMo superstitions. Seemed like an excellent post idea. Mine are more rituals than superstitions, but I think it’s all the same. Here are mine:

  1. My writing will be done on a Toshiba Satellite laptop when I’m at home and a Dell Optiplex desktop with dual monitors when writing during my lunch hour at work
  2. My writing times will most likely be noon (lunch hour) and 10:00 PM (when my daughter falls asleep). One difference will occur in the middle of the month, when I’m gonna take a day off from work to most likely catch up on my word count
  3. My daily breakfast will consist of 17 cups of coffee
  4. My daily lunch will be a full Bloomin’ Onion from Outback Steakhouse and a pint of Guiness
  5. My daily dinner will be a single leaf of lettuce, culled from the garden beside Edgar Allen Poe’s mother’s, sister’s, neighbor’s, cousin’s, pet iguana’s friend, garnished with Ranch dressing, of course
  6. Just like hockey players I will wear my lucky underwear every day for 30 days, even in the shower. Can’t jeapordize the word count.
  7. If I wear a hat, I’ll only wear it upside down and inside out. This will be difficult since the only hat I wear is a Viking helmet, but I’m sure I’ll get used to the horns poking me in the head.
  8. In the month of November I will allow people to refer to me only as Johnny Wordsmith. Jo – Dub for short. This is non-negotiable. I must feel like a writer at all times, or I will fail.
  9. When I finally do go to sleep at night, I will opt for a specially designed bed frame, crafted from a tree from the same forest the paper was made from in the initial printing of Good Omens. If I don’t find this bedframe, I won’t sleep in November.

Anyhow, those are a few of my rituals I’ll be sticking to in November. Or maybe not. I am typing this while wearing a pirate costume, so everything I say should probably be taken with grain of alcohol, I mean salt.

Honestly, my biggest ritual will be to simply write, and write often. I plan on starting tonight at “midnight”. Good luck to all!