Sunday Evening NaNoWriMo Update – I’m So Happy

This is amazing.  I’ve managed to write a ton of stuff tonight, good stuff, stuff I didn’t plan or know I was going to write when I started today.  I’m at 7034 words right now, about 300 ahead of pace.  I will be able to go to sleep early tonight, if I’ll be able to sleep at all.

Here’s how is has gone down.  I added a few details to the story such as Goldenrod telling Art not to leave the house when he’s away at night working on the farm.  Well, then I came up with the idea Art would leave the house just to use the bathroom (no indoor plumbing). Then I wanted Art to leave anyhow and find some trouble, so I thought up a Fairy Carnival (market) in the forest.  Well, Art goes there and has no money so he tells them his name to gain entrance (a big no-no).  Then he decides to play some games and one of them is a ring toss where he can win a sword.  Well, his name is Art King, so you can guess where this is headed.

The thing is I didn’t mean it to happen.  This is exactly why I can’t do real planning or outlining.  I just don’t think that way.  I’m actually having fun writing this, which to be honest isn’t always the case.

I will post excerpt tomorrow.  In the meantime, I’m gonna drink a beer. Yuengling Lager.  Not Sam Adams, but still tasty.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Evening NaNoWriMo Update – I’m So Happy

  1. Woohooo!! Go you! I’m at almost the same word count, about 300 words ahead. So, go us! Four characters have appeared that I had not anticipated and I’m having a blast with them. *This* is why we do this whole writing thang, isn’t it?!

  2. I’m glad it seems to be going so well for you so far! 300 words ahead is great, what a good start you’re off to. The story sounds like it’s developing really well too, and who cares if you stick to your plan as long as you’re having fun and making something creative out of it 🙂

  3. Well done, you! It sounds like you are on a roll! It’s wonderful that the creative juices are flowing and the story is evolving as you are writing. Sounds much better than sticking rigidly to a plan to me – weave in and out of your plan as the juices take you!

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