Just Hit the 10,000 Mark

Well, I just hit the 10,000 word mark, 1/5th or 20% finished. That is unbelievable to me. I’ve technically hit my mark for today, but I’d like to write 900 more words, to stay ahead of pace. Anyhow, I wrote a funny bit today and thought I’d share. As always, this is a rough draft.

“That,” said Goldenrod pointing at the object in Art’s hand, the item that had so upset the Carny the night before and had helped him escape what he now knew were the Fairies. “That is the sword. Only you could’ve won it. Only you could’ve landed a ring on it. It made sure of that.”
Art held the sword in front of his face, inspecting it once more. It was a nice sword, he had to admit. “What’s so special about it?” he asked. “And what does this writing here on the blade mean?”

Goldenrod looked carefully at the inscription, running his hand over the text. He then looked Art straight in the eyes and said, “The inscription reads: ‘The true owner of this sword will forever be protected from the black hand of evil.’ You are its true owner, Arthur King.”

Art smiled. He liked the idea of being protected from evil, though he had a few questions. Did he have to be holding the sword to be protected from evil? What if he was going to the bathroom and left the sword in the other room and evil attacked. Would the sword fly in and protect him? If he was holding the sword and evil attacked him, would it create an impenetrable force field around him, swing itself at evil, or would he have to actually attack the evil on his own using the magic sword? These were all questions Art would like answered. However, a more pressing one occurred to him and so he asked it, “What black hand of evil?”

I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to work my trademark humor into this story, but I’d like to think the above is a little bit funny. Nothing like a bit of Terry Pratchett (Troll Bridge) to get the funny flowing.

I would also like to say that Goldenrod doesn’t really know what the inscription says. He’s making that up to fit his own purposes. He can’t read Fairy.


10 thoughts on “Just Hit the 10,000 Mark

  1. So I take it that Nanowrimo is going okay. Great, I wish you the best of luck… do we get to read it when you are done? If not, I’ll just accept it and cry myself to sleep every night. Just kidding. But, you are an INSPIRATION! Keep writing, because if you stop…back to the crying thing.

  2. Diane – thanks, I’m glad you liked it. I’m actually allowing myself to think I have something good here. The plan I guess would be to write at least the 50,000 words and finish the story, then do the edits and then if I like enough, shop it around to see if anyone would publish it. If not, I would try to publish it myself or have free downloads with a tip jar. I don’t know.

    Thanks Neil.

    Michelle – for celebration we voted in our local elections and then had Pizza Hut. Now it’s back to writing. If I make it to 50,000, though, I’m taking December off from fiction writing.

    Kaitlyn – Thanks! Enjoy the writing group.

    curbxstomp – you crack me up. that was funny. please don’t cry, I’ll still post excerpts 🙂

  3. Oh my, 10,000 words sound impressive. It must be a very good feeling to know that you are 1/5 through.
    Did you invent a language for the fairies?
    How do we know it is written in Fairy, if that is whatt their language is called?
    I think this excerpt flows well and fits the characters, as far as I know them, that is, for you are the one who knows them the most.
    Was it funny? Uhm, for me, not really, but was an easy read with a touch of humor.

  4. 10,000 seems fantastic for just six days, congrats! The excerpt is great – I also like what you added underneath about Goldenrod not actually being able to read the inscription. 🙂

  5. I was hoping to make you laugh so you GO ON! I’m not even doing Nanowrimo and I’m so excited for you! I’m in the yearbook room at school, eagerly awaiting a new excerpt…*hint**hint* Just kidding. No pressure!

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