Writing Opportunities – A Non-NaNoWriMo Post

You are all probably sick to death of the letter combination NaNoWriMo. Sorry! Just know that by talking about it here and having your encouragement I just might actually achieve the goal, something I would’ve though impossible a mere six days ago and would be without this blog.

Anyhow, there are a couple writing opportunities I came across in the past couple days I thought you might want to know about. The first was found on Endicott Redux, Endicott Studio’s excellent blog. There is a call for submissions from Cinnamon Press for poems that “that tell any kind of story – old and new, real and imagined, fairytales, myths, urban legends, about people, places, artifacts – in fresh ways” for their upcoming anthology In the Telling. I know a few of you write poetry, so I figured you might want to give it a try.

Secondly, Jason over at The Clarity of Night is hosting another one of his excellent contests starting Monday. He provides a photograph and entrants are asked to provide 250 words inspired by it. I even earned an honorable mention the one time for my story Hungry like the Wolf. I’m gonna enter this time, even though nanowrimo is going on. I think I can manage 250 words :). Anyhow, check back there tomorrow.

****Edit ***

Oh, there was one more thing I wanted to tell you all about. I found a hilarious Terry Pratchett short story yesterday titled Troll Bridge which stars our favorite barbarian Cohen the BarbarianThis story is hilariously fantastic.  Trust me.


5 thoughts on “Writing Opportunities – A Non-NaNoWriMo Post

  1. You are doing great! I actually signed back up at the last minute and cheated slightly by uploading some pages I’d been working off and on for the past few months. But at least it gave me some verbage! The only thing is I haven’t found the time or energy to focus on it again! I need motivation!!!! Argh! But I’m definitely going to enter Jason’s contest!

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