Hit the Wall..Twice

Well, I ended yesterday around 900 words ahead of pace. that’s a nice place to be. At the moment, I’ve written 11,415 words. My personal goal for today is 12,990 which would place me 1021 words ahead of pace. Anyhow…

I hit the wall not once yesterday, but twice. I was totally writing poop, garbage, or whatever else you want to call it. That’s not what I want to be doing. What did I do when I recognized this? I skipped ahead, of course.

See, the thing is, this story is a journey. The main character is walking quite a bit, and you can only write (or read) “Art walked a bit more” so many times. Some of that needs to be written, because I don’t want to just fast forward the story. However, it’s getting on my nerves. So what I did was create a chapter heading for those parts, wrote a little bit, and then moved to the action. I can always add the walking and running bits later in the second draft.

I also realized this morning that I had few female characters in this story. That’s not really what I want or something I was doing consciously. I was just making character by default. They say write what you know, but still, I need to fix this. Anyhow, I’ll be making an effort to add some more strong female characters to the novel.

People seem to be enjoying the excerpts, so here is one I’m working on right now. I hope you enjoy.

Art sat on the wet ground, his hair damp from sweat and the snow, leaning his back against a large Pine tree. He knew he had to stay awake, to travel during the night and sleep during the day, but his chin began to touch his chest. Art allowed his eyes to close for just a moment when he felt a firm tug at his clothes.

“Hey,” said Art, opening his eyes, brushing against his garments.

Two little people, no taller than a toddler but clearly adult, stood staring wide eyed at him. “I’m terribly sorry, sir,” said the tiny woman in the red jacket. “This has never happened to us before.”

She turned and glared at her companion. “I told you he wasn’t asleep, yet.”

“He looked like he was out to me,” the man in green replied, throwing his hands in the air. “Like you’ve never made a mistake.”

“Don’t you start on that again,” said the woman. “I told you before they all look alike to me.”

“Excuse me,” Art interrupted. “What just happened here?”

“Oh, nothing,” said the man in soothing tones. “We were just going to take your clothes, but it turned out you weren’t asleep. Our mistake. Won’t let it happen again.”

“Is that what you people do?” Art said, stepping towards the little man. It felt good to be able to finally let our some of his anger on someone he figured couldn’t fight back. “You just wait for somebody to fall asleep and then you take their clothes?”

“I think you’re missing the point,” the man in red said, taking several steps back so as to be behind his companion. “You weren’t supposed to find out until we were gone.”

“You think that makes it alright, then?” said Art. He was really getting angry now, and he liked it.

“It’s mysterious,” said the little man, his voice starting to tremble.


7 thoughts on “Hit the Wall..Twice

  1. Ha! So that’s where all the odd socks go! They manage to get one sock off and then you wake up!

    Sounds to me like you are doing all the right things and producing lots of good stuff. Keep up the good work!

    PS I notice Technorati is still mucking up our titles. It’s making me really cross…

  2. *Squeals* So, is this like a spin on the tale of kind Arthur, or am I totlally off the mark? Which is probable because I haven’t been at my brightest today, like no joke. But, who are these people? Do they have a name? I’m eagerly awaiting your next! Still no pressure…

  3. Diane – Maybe that is where all the socks go. I’ll have to check on that. As far as technorati goes, I’ve decided to not rely on them anymore. I rely more on the blog surfer here.

    curbxstomp – I haven’t decided about how far I’m taking the Arthur thing, but you are correct, it is there. I mean there’s a sword, a guy named Art, a guy named Lance, and soon a wizard named “Merlo”. The little people don’t really have a name yet, in this draft. Maybe later.

  4. In the bit of creative writing I’ve done, I’ve always found female characters to be the most lacking portion of my material. I can develop a much better-rounded man than woman, and it frustrates me when I try to write from a female perspective and it flops.

    But, to have a good modern piece, I don’t see how you can get around having strong female characters. Hopefully that rectifies itself with the course of things! 😀

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