Have a nice Weekend

Have a nice weekend everyone. I probably won’t be posting again until Monday.  I’ve beat my all-time record for words written for NaNoWriMo, as I currently sit at 16, 501.  I built up a little cushion, because I don’t know if I’ll be able to write this weekend.

We’re headed back across the state for the church service for my grandmother who passed away last month.  I imagine it will be an emotional weekend, but I hope it is also a good one with many stories told.  We’ll see. We are staying at my grandmother’s house, and it will be odd not having her there, asking us if we want any chips or pop.

Anyhow, have a good weekend everyone.  I hope I’m able to write at least a little bit.


9 thoughts on “Have a nice Weekend

  1. A weekend away might boost up your imagination, providing you with images and new thoughts.
    Do not think of it, while being there, though.
    Live it through as thorough as you can to get some material unconsciously.
    This weekend has been fun for me so far:
    -My entry at Jason’s was given some very nice feedback
    -My daughter has lost a teeth into her morning meal
    -I digged up half of the chicken yard. It was so pleasant I felt like praying.

  2. That is so great that you have beaten your record, and I have no doubt that after this weekend, you will continue to write wonderfully.

    Saying goodbye to people physically is always so hard. I will just echo the others, I hope it is a wonderful, meaningful, touching, experience filled with many warm memories, to help you through the sadness and pain, and loss.

  3. Congratulations on beating your NaNoWriMo record, I’m glad it’s still going well 🙂 I hope the service went well and that you had a nice weekend, even though I’m sure it felt strange with your grandmother not being around.

  4. Hope your weekend was a warm and comforting way to say goodbye to your grandmother.

    I’m glad your writing is going well and when you return, you are refreshed and raring to go…

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