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Well, I’m at 14,600 words in my NaNoWriMo project. I should shatter my previous record for NaNoWriMo (last year) today. That said, I’ve just about written everything I have planned for the story and need to figure out where to go next.

I have an idea, but I’m not sure if it’s too silly or too much like the original King Arthur tales.  Those of you have been reading my excerpts, you know my story has been giving some winks to the King Arthur tales.  Art King winning a sword, has a brother named Lance, Merlo the wizard, etc.

My current idea is for Merlo and Art to assemble some “knights” to help them fight the bad guy.  The knights would be a pretty rag-tag group.  One of them will probably be the little woman that tried to take Art’s clothes.

I would like your opinion on this.  Is it too silly?  Is it too close to the original stories?  Would anyone really want to read this?

Thanks in advance.


11 thoughts on “Quick Question

  1. Nothing is too silly for Nano. But then my one’s actually pretty damn pretentious and literary, so I’m getting lots of silliness envy right now.

    I actually think it sounds like a quite good idea, if played rightly, which I reckon you can manage. Just try and distance it from knights, so much as just a gang of friends.

    Plus it leaves you room to explore some of the gang’s back stories. Then use them to parallel, some of the little tales we know about various knights (Sir Gawain got about quite a bit for example, so so could little ‘Gary-Wayne’…on second thoughts, that might be ridiculous). Also, you could be even looser by just having some members of the group only linking to the knights by their base character thing. Like (whoever it was) the pure being the righteous and polite one.

    Bonus points if you get a siege perilous reference in there.

    But I say go for it.
    And good work for breaking records.

  2. Well, if I can throw my tuppenceworth into the ring… I think as you have started this analogy/parody, whatever you call it, then it would be perfectly in order to continue in that vein – indeed it would almost be odd if you didn’t, otherwise what was the point in the first place? If you see what I mean 🙂

    As long as it isn’t too close to ‘The Once and Future King’ then I don’t see a problem, it’s your story and it is different in lots of ways. And its very good too, I’m glad you are back in the groove 🙂

  3. Alabaster Crippens – thanks you so much for the advice. It’s nice to get some advice from someone writing something “pretentious and literary” and you add some good ideas.

    Diane – What nice things to say. I really want to finish this story, if only for you all who are enjoying what I write. I am going to try the “knights” angle. I’m so excited!

  4. Definitely keep on this way. You mentioned something before about a younger audience, too . . . I think. That’s what it sounds like to, especially given the MC’s age. Kind of like bring the Arthur tales to a new generation. That’s always a worthy cause, in my opinion.

  5. I think this idea of yours can work very well. If it resembles the original story, but not quite, well, why not? Especially if it is for kids, as Michelle (just above me) suggests.
    Sometimes great stories are needed to be retold over and over again.
    if you put it into a modern setting, readers might understand it better.

  6. Michelle – Thanks. I was thinking younger audience just because of the protagonist’s age and lack of swearing, but I’ll probably stick with that.

    SzélsőFa – thanks for the advice. I agree tales need to be retold, especially good ones.

  7. It sounds like it’ll be funny to read and better yet, very fun to write, so I say go for it. 🙂 I especially like the idea of one of the ‘knights’ being a little woman!

  8. I say go for it. You’re already writing the story as a loose parody, so have fun with it and go all the way. No point in doing a half-assed parody, I say. I’d either continue paralleling it or drop the parody aspect altogether.

    (I think Gary-Wayne is fantastic.)

  9. Awww… That is a herculean effort. Would love to participate. Unfortunately I have exams all this month… So very less of blogging and such stuff… Waiting to see your 50,000 words… 😉

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