Glad To Be Home

Well, my weekend went fine.  Thanks for asking.  The memorial service was nice, though 75% of it was Greek to me (literally!).  We stayed at my grandmother’s house and rather than feeling weird, the house was somewhat comforting.  It felt as though she would come walking down the stairs at any moment to say hello to all of us, but that will never happen again.

There were a bunch of old toys at the house, toys I used to play with when I was a kid.  My daughter, who turned a year-and-a-half on Saturday enjoyed playing with them.  One of the toys was this little plastic action figure that I guess was supposed to be a Park Ranger. He even had a little Park Ranger’s hat. To me, he looked like a young Ronald Reagan.

Anyhow, to lighten the mood a little I was having little Ronald talk to everyone (my parents, my sister and her boyfriend, my wife and my daughter).  I even told everyone I was going to bring little Ronald to work with me and every time someone asked me  a question I’d consult little Ronnie.  Strangely, no one else thought this was a good idea.

Anyhow, I managed a little writing Saturday and Sunday nights.  I’m now at 18,500 words, right on pace.  You aren’t supposed to go back and read what you’ve written, but I did go back and work on some of the scenes that I had skipped.  That worked out pretty well.

Anyhow, thanks again for the encouragement.

PS I was going to post a picture of Ronald Reagan here, but being my liberal self I couldn’t bring myself to do it.