I feel like total crap today. I can’t breathe and I feel achy all over. Not to mention tired.  I also had a tooth filled today, and the dentist didn’t even use Novocaine.  It actually hurt far less than the Novocaine shot would’ve hurt.  Still, I could use that as an excuse as well.  I could use a good full day of just laying on the couch watching television. As anyone who has a young child can attest (looking at you Helen), that just ain’t gonna happen. Besides, my wife could probably use a lazy day off like this too. Also, I’m too much into this NaNoWriMo thing to just bail on it for a couple days.

Man would it be easy, though, to just take a few days off, say I’m sick, and then lower my goal and say “I’ll get it next year”. That would be so frickin’ easy. I’m not gonna do it, though. There will always be excuses, and problems. I just have to ignore them.

What’s getting me through, other than all of your support, is that I keep asking myself, “Do you want to write a novel?” and the answer is always “Yes, sir!” (yeah, I address myself as sir when I talk to myself).

I’m gonna keep plugging away, one word at a time.  I’ll hit 25,000 today no matter what.  I’m at 23,600 right now.


6 thoughts on “Argh

  1. Hey, man, I know exactly how you feel. Minus the tooth part. I know about that too, but that was a long time ago! Anyway. I don’t address myself as sir. My pep talks usually go something like this:
    Write, stupid, write!
    Because that’s what you want to do!
    Is it really?
    Yeah. Those usually don’t go very well. I wish I had some Novacaine at the moment. It might make everything better. Keep plugging away! I was watching Shrek the Third, and when Arthur came on, I thought about your story! First thought in my head. 😀
    So, I will give you my pep talk!

  2. Lemon and honey in hot water – tastes yummy and does you good, aspirin or similar for the achey bits, and chocolate. Didn’t know chocolate was good for colds did you?

    Actually it probably isn’t but you deserve a treat, right? (But then that’s probably why you needed a filling so perhaps forget the chocolate unless you promise to clean your teeth immediately afterwards.)

    Anyways, hope you feel able to write some more today – you know you will feel very pleased with yourself when it’s all over…

  3. curbxstomp – that was funny. Also, that’s cool you thought about our friend “Art”. I haven’t seen Shrek the Third yet, but will have to rent that.

    Diane – I’m not a big chocolate person. I prefer salty stuff such as potato chips or cashews. Thanks for the well wishes!

  4. Don’t do it for us, do it for the yessir.
    A cold is a nasty thing, and I can relate to rendezvous with a dentist.
    My all natural instinct tells me your cold is due to your nervousness.
    Relax, drink lots of hot herb (!) tea with lemon/honey if you like those.
    I’m also a salty snack eater. Well, an occasional chocolate here and there does go down, too 🙂

  5. Please take care, Struggling Writer! I hope you feel much better soon.

    You’re doing better than me. When “me trouble” struck last week, I took three whole days off writing and to be honest, I was barely productive for about ten days. Not that any of those days were days off, unfortunately! Never mind, everything works out in the end.

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