I’d like to take this post to tell you about some unrelated things that have been on my mind.

Isn’t it amazing how much we take of our world for granted? Having a 1 and 1/2 year old daughter has really shown this to me. A couple months ago, I pointed out the moon to her when we were getting out of the car. Every now and then when we were out at night she would point to it and say, “Moon”. The past week or so, though, she has been pointing to the front door and saying, “moon?” and I have to then try to find the moon in the sky to show her the moon. She loves it. I just find it so cool that things like the moon I take for granted are so new and exciting to her. In a way, I envy her.


Diane gave me a Be the Blog award the other day and I forgot to mention it. I’m such a bad blog friend. Make sure to stop over her site and look at all the cool books she is making. Thanks Diane.


This afternoon I’m taking part in a basketball free throw shooting challenge for a local charity. We each get 25 shots, and people donate money for each shot we make. We practiced the other day and I was doing pretty well. At one point I made 9 out of 10, and my average was about 7 out of 10. With my co-workers and wife and daughter watching, I’ll probably get nervous and not make any. I hope this doesn’t happen.


The Journal of Mythic Arts blog today had a post titled On knights and dragons… . It was timely because I just discovered there will be a dragon in my story. The post also feature the music by a lady named Kate Rusby. She is brilliant. Also, here is Sir Eglamore.


I haven’t received the Neil Gaiman email yet.  I will post it when I do.


Have a nice weekend.  I may post something tomorrow or not.  We’ll see.


6 thoughts on “Moon?

  1. You are most welcome! I love the sweet things littlies say. I always regretted not writing them down… I thought I would always remember them but they said SO many cute things…

    Hope you did well in your basketball challenge!

    Have a great weekend – hope you are feeling much better.

  2. Oh, yes, kids have those pure soul that finds enchantment in the simplest of things.
    Unfortunately, most of the adults wear this off, but some of us don’t.
    I think we, who keep at least a tiny part of childhood inside us, are better, much better off.
    Have a good weekend.
    I still have not voted for Readers’ Choice.

  3. Bob goes on about that a lot, how he misses those moments, of showing our child something, and having him be all excited. Like in your dear moon story. My son is 11 now, and hasn’t acted excited about anything in years, he says it is not his style. No indeed, his style is “whatever”.

    Enjoy these moments. For each year, really does go by faster than the last one went.

  4. Kids offer such a fresh way of seeing the world. Even though my son is ten now, he still comes up with interesting perspectives. Your daughter sounds like a real sweetie!

  5. Kiko is the same about the moon! It’s so sweet, only he used to call it the “mean”. It amazes me when he finds the moon in the daytime sky. He’ll go: “Moon! Moon!” and I’ll say: “No, the moon comes out at night,” and then suddenly I’ll see that there is a faint moon in the sky. Poor child, he really does know better than me.

    I hope your daughter’s teeth are OK. Kiko’s still aren’t through and he bit my finger so hard today when I checked them!

  6. Helen – I remember you saying that Kiko used to say “mean”. That’s so cute. I have also had my daughter notice something, said no, then realized she was correct. They just notice so many things!

    Her teeth seem ok, but I think it’s keeping her from napping.

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