A Progress Report and a Mooch

Well, I’m at around 31,700 words, still on pace for 50,000. My total after today should be 33,340.   I will comb through what I’ve written and see if there is anything I can post.

‘ve hit what I’ve thought were “walls” so many times in the past few days, only to keep writing and eventually find my way through. The daily word count has really been keeping me going. That said, if I do make it to 50,000 this year, I don’t know if I’ll do this again.

On the head cold front, I think I’m finally starting to feel better. I don’t look any better with my cracking and peeling red nose but I do feel a bit better. I think playing in my hockey game Saturday while sick was a bad idea, though.

I did OK at the basketball thing I mentioned Friday, making 16 out of 25 shots. That was second best in my office, so I guess that isn’t too bad. My wife and daughter came to cheer me on, but my daughter was asleep. My wife even made a little “Go Dadda Go” (a Dr. Seuss “Go Dog Go!” reference) sign for me. I will ask my wife if I can post a picture.


I mooched another book from bookmooch and got it in the mail yesterday. Is there anything better than getting a book in the mail (I can think of a couple things, but stick with me here)? Anyhow, the book I mooched is Don’t Panic: The Official Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Companion, which is a book about the Hitchhiker’s Guide and also Douglas Adams and was written by Neil Gaiman.  It was published originally in the late 1980’s I believe.  I read a little bit of it yesterday and it is great so far.  How can you combine Gaiman and Adams and not get great, though, right?

Anyhow, how are you all doing?