Sunday – I’ve Got Work To Do

Well, I fell behind a bit on my NaNoWriMo project. I only wrote eight hundred words yesterday.  My daughter stayed up a little later than usual and I didn’t get started writing until around 10:30 PM.  I totally planned on writing at that point and even tried, but I found I would start a sentence and doze off halfway through a sentence, snapping back awake not knowing what the heck I wrote.  I think the past few days of late nights and travel finally caught up with me.

My wife has graciously told me I can do some writing during the day today, so I hope to catch up on my writing this afternoon.

Anyhow, thank you all for your words of encouragement, they kept me going on this, especially in the beginning.  Now, I’m so close to the end I have to reach 50,000 words.


7 thoughts on “Sunday – I’ve Got Work To Do

  1. 38.7k already? Yeah, you can do it. You’ll get past 40k very soon. 45k is SO close after that. Then you’ll be surprised how quickly the other 5k comes to you. I bet you go over the word count, even.

    You can do it.

  2. Yes, you are absolutely close to doing it all the way. So a little bit of rest and with sme help from your wife, which is clearly on the way as I see, you’ll do it.
    I’m asking you again: will there be any more exerpts (sp?)

  3. Yes, I know that feeling. Sometimes when I am grading student essays late at night, I find myself actually writing comments WHILE sleeping. I jerk myself awake and look to see what I’ve written! Luckily I write in pencil and can erase, though often the comments are the same old story: “Show don’t tell. What is your thesis? Support?”

    You will definitely make it, you know? So close. You will do it!

  4. You have to do it. I am following you, rembember, you are the one blazing the trail.

    I couldn’t even imagine not starting till 10:30 at night (though I did do the second half of my words at that time on Thanks Day.) I am impressed with the schedule you have been keeping, writing late, and getting up early (waiting until your daughter goes to sleep to write) .

    You are so close, you just have to go all the way. (I think we are at the peak, and get to walk back down the mountain now). I am glad you will have time to work on it today. Hopefully while the sun is still out.

  5. You are so motivated, it is a fine thing to behold!

    Most people who were that tired would give in and have a nap but you keep powering on – good for you.

    The end is so close now that sheer momentum will keep you going…I am dying to read what you have written. You should do a podcast when it is finished and read it to us all!

  6. SeditiousBroom – thanks for the enthusiasm. i hope i can do it!

    Franci – I’ll try to get an excerpt up. Sorry!

    writinggb – I think I was asleep while writing. It was rough!

    Taffiny – I’ll keep pioneering, but I may need a shove from behind every now and then.

    Diane – A podcast does sound fun, but that would force me to read what I have written. Scary!

    Julie – I just keep trying to catch up with you!

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