Can’t Ever Get Ahead

Do you all remember when I told you last month that I got a promotion at my day job? Well, this promotion came with a modest raise. Nothing huge, but probably enough to cover rising gas prices and health care cost increases. I get paid monthly, so I have yet to see this extra money. I get paid on Friday, so it will finally be there.


Well, the universe must have got wind of my upcoming windfall, because like it always happens, an extra cost came my way. I took my car in for inspection yesterday and they called me to let me know I will need new brakes. The cost is close to the amount (per month) of my raise. Do you ever get the feeling that you are running against current in a fast moving stream, never quite getting anywhere? Me too.

I guess I shouldn’t complain. At least I have a steady job and health benefits and all of that. Still, for once I would love to be able to hit the last week of the month and not have to ask my wife, “Could we please just buy the bare essentials for the week at the grocery store?” It’s no fun being that guy.

On the positive side, my wife drove me to work this morning and our daughter spotted her favorite thing in the morning sky: the moon. I used to correct her when she said “moon” (she says mun) during the day, but I have since learned to not question her. Those little ones notice things we do not and it is wise to pay attention to them.


9 thoughts on “Can’t Ever Get Ahead

  1. When I was doing my teacher training (about 2 years ago) we were told to keep a moon diary – when the moon rose and set and how it looked each day. I swear it had not occurred to me until then that the moon sometimes rose during the day and set before it became dark – sure, I had noticed the moon in the sky during the day but I had not really thought that was strange. I supposed if you had asked me I would have said ‘Moon – night’.

    Your daughter has spotted something it has taken me decades to remark on, how wonderful is that?!

    As an aside, during the science module of my training, we were also told that the earth and the moon are moving apart (incredibly slowly but it is happening) and that we are lucky we can experience total eclipses ie. the moon is the same size as the sun and so covers it every once in a while, resulting in a total eclipse. There will eventually be a time when the moon is much smaller and so will never completely cover the sun – so no more total eclipses. Blew me away – had never thought of that!

    Isn’t it wonderful we can still learn things however old we get? Your daughter has such a wealth of wonderful things to learn still, isn’t it fantastic?

  2. Bummer about the car brakes. Of course, it’s a darn good thing they caught that before they went out of something… πŸ™‚ But I know what you mean. Feels like there’s always something!

    Can your daughter draw a little moon? If she does, post the drawing. Maybe you can help her write a little poem about the moon, a haiku woud work with her age…. Sounds like a nice holiday gift for grandparents, don’t you think? And won’t cost you a dime πŸ™‚

  3. Diane – that is interesting. I didn’t know that about the moon. I figure I’ll be long gone by then, with only my masterpiece novels still around (I can wish, right?)

    writinggb – my daughter is 1 and a half. she draws circles, but calls them cats. I could ask her to draw a moon and see what she does. She’s a bit young to write though. Her haiku would probably include the words: cat, pup, dog, moon, and Odie. πŸ™‚

  4. strugglingwriter, the same thing happened to me financially a year ago. I have terrible credit (working on correcting that…), I’m a single parent, so when I actually received a credit card with a 2,000 limit I was elated. A few weeks later I found out my daughter needed special tutoring to the sum of 5,000.00. I spent what was on the card and robbed Peter to pay Sylvan. So I can relate. It was all good in the end though, it got her where she needed to be. So it definitely was a blessing, I just ended up spending my windfall on something worthwhile instead of redecorating my apartment…kind of like brakes are probably the most important thing your extra money could go towards. πŸ˜€

  5. It’s so spooky, I went to the doctor today and he said the same words to me: “You feel you’re putting so much effort in but you’re never getting ahead, don’t you?” I felt as if he had read my mind, then he said: “It’s because you’re anaemic!” To be honest I was pleased to hear that, and that the over-the-counter iron tablets I’d been taking for months aren’t any use – at least now I have a solution to what I’ve been going through. You don’t often get simple answers in life.

    Prices have been rising so much in Australia too, it’s so frustrating. Kiko’s Daddy recently had a small pay rise but we don’t feel any difference. It costs more than $4 for a packet of butter! At least you know about the brake problem, that could have been scary.

    Your daughter is so cute, it is amazing what they notice.

  6. As long as the current isn’t dragging you away.

    Congrats on the raise/promotion. My husband has the same problem with his car, and any money he has plans for. The car always takes it. Needy it is.

    Bob’s worst financial enemy though, is Taff at the grocery store. I don’t buy fancy/expensive, shoes, clothing, or make-up. I don’t really go out, unless you count, Barnes and Noble, Target, and Wegmans, as going out. But I do consider things like TP and tissues with aloe in them, a necessity. And I would eat a container of blueberries every day, if Bob would not look at me like this act (of fiscal savagery) was killing him. Oh and there is this pasta sauce from Italy with eggplant in it, which I consider to be a perfect meal in a jar, and I clutch it to my chest, and refuse to leave the store without it, full of the willful unreasonableness of a toddler. (which is the reason why Bob prefers to go grocery shopping with me, and always says he will pick up whatever we run out of, asking me not to go to the store to pick up milk or other items by myself. He says he can’t afford it.)

    Well, it sounds like your car is a lot like Bob’s car, hopefully you did better in the wife department.

    wow it is so late, I am so tired I forgot to go to bed. Night.

  7. vagabond visions – I’m glad you have made it through.

    Rob – cars are frustrating, especially since they lose value the moment you take them off the lot. just a bad investment, but also necessary.

    Helen – we were thinking the same things again! I’m glad you were diagnosed and will hopefully be able to start to feel better.

    Taffiny – Thanks for the congrats. My car is actually pretty nice (Honda Element), but it was still an unplanned expense.

    As far as the grocery store goes, we steer clear from Wegmans, I’m afraid, because though they have a wide variety of food, they seem to be more expensive than other places. Most people I know prefer wegmans though. We also buy the “store brand” stuff rather than the “name brand” stuff. Still, I try to make sure I’m not too restrictive on what we buy.

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