Eye Had Troubles Today

Horrible pun in the subject line of this one. I’m sorry about that.  I am definitely feeling the fatigue of all this writing I have done.  It will be well worth it, I’m sure.

I hit my word count today, though I did have some troubles. First of all was the car, which killed my mood.  I got over that.  Next my right eye started bothering me at work, so much that I took out my contact lenses, but them in water (I had no proper solutions with me) and spent the rest of the workday blind.

That’s a nice formula for a headache all right. My right eye started to swell shut, but hopefully it will be better after a few days of wearing my glasses.  I almost gave up, but kept writing.

So it’s around 11:45 PM and I’m about to call it a night.  I’m at around 46,000 words with two days to go.  I think I can finish this thing.  I’m pretty sure I will be sweating it out to the end, though.

I’ll try not to complain so much tomorrow.


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