Well, I did it. It’s 9:54 PM and I just hit the 50,000 word mark. Actually, I have 50,040 words written on my novel. It feels truly great having accomplished this. I honestly did not expect to make it to 50,000 words, or really even come close. This has been by far the longest story I have ever written.

Thanks first of all to my wife, who had to go to bed some many nights alone. Thanks for listening to my story ideas with such interest and enthusiasm.

Thanks all of you for your friendship and encouragement, especially all of you who stopped by every day to encourage me after my late night word count updates. It probably got kinda boring after a while.

What is next? Well, I have to finish draft one of this story. It’s not far from being done, as I’m at the climax of the story, but I need to wrap it up. I’m gonna take a few days off and then continue the story, though not at the 1667 words a night pace. Once draft one is done, I will do some editing and work towards a draft two. That is most certainly needed because I know I have some continuity and characterization problems.

After I’m happy with what I have I will need to get some people to read what I have, to see if it is worth trying to get published. I will not be able to judge this for myself. If it is good, but doesn’t get published I will either offer it as a download here or try to publish via Lulu. This is thinking way ahead.

So, again thank you all. Every day I wrote, and wanted to give up ,I thought of you all and how much you wanted to see me hit that word count. You kept me going.

I don’t know if I’ll ever do NaNoWriMo again. I’ve proven to myself I can do it. I guarantee I will try my hand at writing a novel again.

Good night!

PS I also have a funny Christmas story Miss Jane was nice enough to edit for me that I will be reposting in December.  Look for that soon.