Vancouver’s Huggable Olympic Mascot

Vancouver unveiled their mascots for the 2010 Olympics the other day. I have posted them below. They are awesome. Does anyone else want to give Quatchi the Sasquatch a big hug?



5 thoughts on “Vancouver’s Huggable Olympic Mascot

  1. My kids first reaction was this: ‘what are these ugly things?’ to be continued by a ‘my, they ARE ugly.’
    I’m sorry :)))

    I left a comment but it got lost :(((

    Congratulations on having the job done!!!

  2. Well, I brought my son in and he likes the sasquatch best.

    I’ll join the hug party. Especially if it is cold outside, he looks nice to snuggle up with.
    I like Sumi, and Miga too.
    They’re all so cute!

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