Home At Last

Well, we just got home from the hospital.  Everyone is tired by doing OK. Just wanted to let you all know.  We are happy now 🙂


13 thoughts on “Home At Last

  1. Your last post before this one absolutely terrified me. I was like, oh no! That is the scariest thing ever. I have only done that a couple times, but they were my siblings not my kids. I couldn’t imagine if it were my children… My best wishes!


  2. Well I haven’t stopped by here in a few days and look how much has happened! First of all, I’m so sorry to hear your daughter wasn’t well – that must have been frightening. I’m glad you’re all back home and well now. And of course, congratulations on hitting your 50,000 mark!

  3. Like Soph, that’s what I get for not being on-line by for a while! SO SORRY about the little tike. Ours has never been hospitalized, though we’ve done the emergency trip thingey. And THAT was bad enough. I can only imagine! But SO GREAT that she is better and home. Sleep and just be together. Life’s a gift.

  4. Wah, I hadn’t checked your blog in a couple of days, I had no idea what had happened. Your poor little girl, I hope she is OK and well on the mend. You must had such a horrible shock.

  5. So glad to hear your crisis is over and hope little one is feeling much better soon.Sore throats and ears are horrid when you are an adult and must be even worse when you are a littley and don’t understand what is going on…

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