A Day at the ER

I was going to go into details about our trip to the emergency room on Sunday, how we waited for three hours in the waiting room, my wife and I watching Elf while my daughter slept on her shoulder. I was also going to tell you how just as the climax of the story was coming (we haven’t yet seen the movie the whole way through), they called us in to see a doctor, and there was a T.V. in there, but it was on the Lifetime channel and we could not change the channel.

Then, I was going to tell you how they had to poke and prod my daughter taking her temperature rectally and poking at her ears and throat (immediate ear infection and throat infection diagnosis) while my daughter simple repeated the phrase “Mamma holdie” while clinging to my daughter. I was then going to talk about how they told us to try to get her to drink something and she just kept refusing, which frustrated her and us, and how they finally put her on an I.V. (they told us she did incredibly well with the needle), and then after she wouldn’t drink anything told us she was being admitted to the hospital. An hour and a half later they finally let us go to our room for the night, but not before my daughter got sick on my wife. I would not be able to bring my wife clean clothes for another hour.

I was then going to tell you how we got to our room close to 1:00 AM and how I finally got to pick up some stuff at home and when I returned my daughter was in the hospital crib, which looked like a little cage, but must have been comfortable because she slept through the night. My wife and I finally got to sleep around 2:00 AM.

OK, I guess I did tell you all of that. That was our Sunday. Things are better at home. My daughter, who everyone remarks is so verbal for her age, can barely talk, her voice a whisper.  She has finally started running around the house a little and we are letting her watch her “Odie Song” DVD as much as she wants.  She is still clinging to my wife saying “Mamm holdie” which makes things difficult.

Anyhow, I will get back into the swing of things here and write some non-sick kids posts.  Thanks to everyone for your support.

Finally, congratulations to Michelle and Helen for completing NaBloPoMo!


13 thoughts on “A Day at the ER

  1. My sister is the same way with me and my mother. She either wants me or my mom to hold her and I’m going to tell you that it’s really hard to write while holding a baby. That’s why I get like two pages of my book done a day. She’s just so darn cute I can’t put her down. NaBloPoMo? Talk to you later,

  2. Thanks!

    I’m so glad your daughter is home and doing better. Its so hard when they’re little and just don’t understand that all they have to do is take a drink for crying out loud. Heck, Ella’s 4 and I still have to threaten that she will have to go to the hospital if she doesn’t drink and take her meds. Still, the answer is usually no. It’s just so heartbreaking to see them like that. Glad you’re all recouping now!

  3. Thank you, Struggling Writer. Your poor daughter, I feel so sorry for her – and you and your wife! You feel so powerless when they’re ill, and going to the hospital is always so horrible and stressful. Why is it that it always takes at least four hours to see a doctor or get treatment, even when they rush you through?! I hope she is feeling much better today.

  4. Diane – we are trying to get back to normal although our “routine” is shot.

    Michelle – no problem! We told her in the hospital she needed to drink or would have to stay, but being 1 1/2 she wouldn’t listen 🙂

    Helen – That powerless feeling is tough. She seems to be a little better today, thanks.

  5. Nothing like a trip to the ER to add grey hairs to your head, wrinkles to your eyes and heaven knows what to your heart. Who knew parenting would be so painful when it’s not even you that’s getting treated?

  6. Oh, I’m so sorry you have had such a stressful time with your daughter being ill. I’m so glad to see you writing that she seems a little better. Children are remarkably resilient, bouncing back far faster than we’d expect. You must have been worried out of your wits though. I hope this coming weekend is quieter and gentler for all of you. Hhealing vibes to your little girl and strength to you and your wife.

  7. I’m glad to hear you (family) are back and that your little gem is getting better. Having a weak child around that used to be full of life can be really stressing.
    I’m sending some virtual good wishes here, SW.

  8. I’m really sorry to hear about your daughter — I can’t even imagine how stressful and painful it must have been. I was actually going to stop by to congratulate you on hitting 50k (I knew you were going to make it although I hadn’t been keeping up lately :P).

    I’m really glad your daughter is feeling better, and hope she’s back to her normal self before long.

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