Getting in the Spirit


The other day, before all of the sick little girl stuff happened, my family celebrated my Mom’s birthday. We bought her a couple things she had asked us for, but my wife wanted something a little more personal to give her. Well, we had our daughter do a little painting, a little marker drawing and a little crayon doodling on a piece of paper and then we went to the local Dollar General for an inexpensive (cheap) frame.

Now, we don’t go to Dollar General very often because those places tend to be on the less than clean side and to be honest a little depressing. In fact, even though we have lived in this town for three years, we had never been to this particular Dollar General. When we got there, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was not only clean, but I would even say it was nice inside. The best part for me, though, was the merchandise.

The place was filled with Christmas merchandise. These particular goods were all really inexpensive, I’m talking one or two
dollars for most items, and surely mass produced, but seeing this stuff just made me feel happy. For example, you know those tins of popcorn with the cute winter scenes painted on them? I think if I got one of those from you for Christmas, you would be my new best friend. I don’t know why.

There were other items there. They had Christmas wreaths, cardboard snowmen, Santa Clauses , and all typed of candles and candy. Maybe it made me think about my childhood, how even the cheapest gift, something my parents just thought of at the last minute as a stocking stuffer, could sometimes be my favorite.

Anyhow, how are you all doing with your “Christmas Spirit” or “Holiday Spirit”? I know Diane made a cute Santa Clause themed book the other day. How about you?

10 thoughts on “Getting in the Spirit

  1. My holiday spirit is pretty good at the moment. Lighted garland is up, stockings hung, and this weekend we go up to one of the farms in the Santa Cruz mtns and cut our tree. I *love* that part of the holiday season. We go first thing in the morning, when it’s nice and cold, and tramp around for an hour or so. It’s best if it rained the night before, so it’s muddy and mucky. Pretty soon, we’ll do our annual drive around San Jose to look at the best and the tackiest light displays, with my custom Brian Setzer/Chris Isaak/Kay Kyser and His Orchestra mix CD 🙂

  2. Funny how cheap gifts in a Dollar store can have that effect on us!

    I’ve got the kid and hubster gifts already and one other. Probably should get on that pretty soon. I’ve been focusing on getting out a massive Christmas letter mailing, though 🙂

  3. Julie – thanks for sharing that. That sounds like a great time. I wanted to put a real tree up this year, but my wife put up the artificial one up already. Maybe next year.

    Maddy – that is understandable.

    Writinggb – I have plenty of shopping to do as well. Plenty of time left, though.

  4. Christmas brings the child out in us, a child full of hopes and open to simple joys. The dollar stores are an endless little “miracle”. Enjoy the season! 🙂

  5. We play more with the kids.
    Since half of our house has no heating of any kind, we stuff ourselves into the heated part and dream about a completely warm house. It helps us focusing on the warmth of the holiday.
    Santa Claus visited our kids this evening, talked to them and handed out some fine fruits and candies as treats.
    I love how my 11 and 7,5 year olds still hold to this custom.
    They are so innocent.

  6. SzélsőFa – That sounds very nice. Also, I know what you mean about a cold house. My house is cold all around, but really cold upstairs. We use space heaters in the bedrooms. Otherwise, it’s around 56 degrees up there!

  7. Dollar General must be like Hot Dollar here. I’ve been in there so many times in recent weeks – they have loads of Christmas wrapping paper, lights, tinsel etc. When Kiko sees the tinsel he grabs it and kisses it! It’s so cute!

    We’re going away for Christmas so I haven’t done much yet apart from the Christmas cards and buying a few presents. We even keep forgetting to open the advent calendar. One thing we are doing right before Christmas is going on a real Santa train with the Kikzy. I can’t wait to see his face when he sees that.

  8. You mean there’s 56 Fahrenheit (13 Celsius) WITHIN the house?
    Wow. That’s some bravery.
    I’m so NOT telling this to my husband!
    We kind of have a fight over temperature.
    He prefers it cold (15-17 Celsius) while I like it 18-20.

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