Victorian Christmas

We have been living in our house, in this town in the middle of Pennsylvania, for four years (time truly flies). In this time we have attended many events, seen many sights, and for the most part have been glad we live here. Tomorrow, it’s time for our favorite annual event, Victorian Christmas.

The term “Victorian Christmas” may sound confusing. Let me explain. The town I live in, Bellefonte, was once one of the most booming towns in the center of the state (it is said that Bellefonte was “the most influential town between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg”). This was in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s. This was also around the time that the Victorian style of architecture was popular. Booming town = money. Money = construction.

The town went through a bit of a downturn in the middle of the century which was a time many historic buildings throughout the country were being demolished, but that didn’t happen because there was no money for new construction so they had to keep the old buildings. Many of these Victorian buildings are still around today. Not only are the buildings downtown Victorian, but many of the homes are as well. Our house isn’t a Victorian, but my hope is to someday be able to afford to live in one. Maybe when I get that novel published 🙂

So, tomorrow, the town will be booming. There will be horse-drawn carriages, Santa Clause, and Victorian Teas. A few people from the community will be dressed in Victorian costumes. My parents will be visiting us (they do most weekends) and my wife’s family will be visiting as well. The highlight of the weekend will be the Victorian Homes tour. I love walking through these old homes, admiring the woodwork, the architecture, the high ceilings, and all the little details you just don’t see in the cookie cutter homes they make nowadays.

Anyhow, I’ll try to get some pictures and post them here. It is truly a wonderful time.  Here are some pictures of a few of the houses from last year.  The first picture is of a Bed and Breakfast named The Queen.  There is a little room in the turret that has a fireplace and a bookcase and would be the perfect little nook in which to do some writing.




11 thoughts on “Victorian Christmas

  1. I liked the middle one the most! I could live there, in the middle of a hundred-acre garden 🙂

    It is nice when a town cares about its tradition!

  2. Wah, I want to go there now! I like the middle house the best too. When I have my house (with the pink decor, naturally) it is going to be Victorian Gothic like those ones (I’d love to know where I’ll find one in this part of Australia, mind you!)

    I hope you have a good weekend! Are you going to dress up your little girl?

  3. Those homes look so lovely. The weekend you have planned sounds wonderfully charming.

    I have always wanted a turret. One with a fireplace and bookcase, would be perfect. And I also want a room with a reading window. (bay, window seat). I like all the nooks and interesting spaces in those sorts of homes. And old windows, and doors, and all the little detailing. It seems one would just have to have different sorts of thoughts, and thus live life a bit differently, if one lived in such a house.

  4. Maddy & Vesper – I hope it will be a good weekend. It usually is.

    Szelsofa – that one in the middle looked even better on the inside.

    Helen – I don’t know if we’ll dress her up or not. It will be cold out. She will at least be wearing her fluffy white winter coat.

    Taffiny – I really want a turret also. It is even better than it looks!

    Julie & Ello – the first is my favorite too.

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