Bunny Tail

My daughter finally seems to be feeling better. Last night my wife was even able to leave the house last night for a little jog and some much needed time alone without my daughter bawling hysterically (seriously, when my daughter was sick my wife couldn’t even leave the room without my daughter melting down into pleas of “Mamma holdie!”). That meant I was in charge of my daughter and the night’s play (or at least that half hour’s play). Let’s just say we had a grand time.

We started off by reading a book, Mr Brown Can Moo, Can You? by Dr. Seuss, which is probably the most fun of the Seuss books to read aloud, as there are a lot of rhymes and sounds in the book. My daughter made it to the end of the book, which was great also.

Next, I steered her towards “her drawer”, which is the only drawer in the kitchen she is allowed to play in. This drawer contains wooden spoons, and various plastic measuring cups that double as hats and drinking bowls for her animals. She loves that drawer.

My daughter has this little blue bunny that I make dance for her. I have named the bunny “Peter Cottontail” and have him sing the whole song for her: “Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail, hippity hoppity, Easter’s on its wayyyyyyy.” Yes, I sing this even in December. You have to see this bunny. If the bunny is three inches tall, two of those inches are ears. When I make him dance, the ears go flying everywhere. She LOVES it.

Anyhow, that’s how my daughter and I spent our time together last night. She has taken to calling “Peter Cottontail” “Bunny Tail” which I think is even cuter. At one point last night, she was stirring two measuring cups together, as if she was baking something. I asked (or Peter Cottontail asked her, I can’t remember) her what it was and she said very definitively, “hamburgers”. Now, she has probably only eaten hamburgers once in her life, but that was on her mind, I guess.

Finally, I received this picture of my daughter and I from a co-worker yesterday. It’s of us in our Halloween costumes. She was a ballerina.


PS Hoodie gave me an award yesterday that I need to write a post about. I will get to that soon!