Sad News From Terry Pratchett

Well, I’m nearly finished with my Shameless Lion award post, but came across this bit of news that I felt the need to print. My favorite living author, Terry Pratchett, has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers.  Here is his statement which he says should be interpreted as “I am not dead”.

I’m not one to really post negative news in the gossipy way some people do, saying “Look at me, I’ve got this terrible news to tell everyone.” I simply know a few of you are Pratchett fans and might want to know about this.

My hope for him is that this is a slow moving form of Alzheimers and that he has as many quality years left as possible. I could not fathom what he and his family must be going through right now.


What I’m Up To Writing Wise

Well, I just thought I’d post a quick note here before I post about the ‘A Roar For Powerful Words’ award I’ve won twice in the past week. That one will take a bit longer to write, so check back here later in the day for that.

As far as my writing goes, I posted my entry for Bernita’s contest here the other day. That was certainly fun to write. In the meantime, I have nearly completed a short story that I’m excited about. I am going back and forth about whether I am going to post that here because I may actually try to shop it around to see if someone will publish it (aka give me a few dollars for it). We will see. I could always post an excerpt from that.

I have been reading Neil Gaiman’s Don’t Panic: The Official Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Companion which is fascinating not so much because it was written by Gaiman but because it has some neat insights into Douglas Adams and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book, radio series, and television series.  Actually, I found recordings of the original radio series on the internet the other day and they are brilliant.

Anyhow, that me.  How about you?