I Feel….Normal?

For the past month or so, especially when she was sick, my daughter was going to bed at 10:00 every night. It was fun to hang out with her and play, but it made it hard for my wife and I to relax, which is tough after a long day of work for me and a long day of watching our daughter for my wife. The past few days, however, my daughter has been falling asleep around 8:00 (of course she also skipped her daytime nap). Not too bad.

Last night, once my daughter went to sleep, my wife and I were actually able to watch a little television together. It felt like old times. It felt “normal” (I suppose an argument could be made that there is no more normal with a 1 1/2 year old, but let me have my moment). It felt nice. I’m not a big television watching fan anymore, having weaned myself off it so much I question the $50 I spend a month on cable, but it’s nice to turn off the brain for an hour ever now and then.

What we watched was The Office, the Christmas episode to be precise. While we were watching I thought we were watching a new episode, but it turns out it was from Season 3. Regardless, it was new to us. More than anything, it was nice to kick back and relax, to laugh with my wife, and to just be “us” again. It was a good night.

As far as my daughter goes, she is back to her old self.  She has been singing us songs lately.  She loves singing “Oh Christmas Tree” and “Happy Birthday”.  Amazingly, she also likes to sing the alphabet.  She knows A through L gets a little hung up on the next letters, and then knows the rest.  I’m pretty sure she already has a better memory than me.


8 thoughts on “I Feel….Normal?

  1. Ah, yes, I remember that exact feeling when my son was little, the point at which you think, “Hey, I got a tiny bit of my life back!” It’s not as if we don’t adore the kids and all, but they change our world so much. It IS very nice to have a little “normalcy” mixed in every once in a while.

    We are almost to the piint when we can leave our son without a sitter for short periods. I think maybe ext year. That will, I’m sure, be REALLY weird.

  2. I often forget how much people’s lives change when they have kids. It’s hard for me to imagine, right now. Maybe I’ll consider it someday, when we’ve started to raise our children with the aid of robot workers.

  3. writinggb – I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. I can’t imagine her being left alone, but I know it will happen someday. 🙂

    Rob – can I get the web address for those robot workers 🙂

  4. For the past couple of days, Kiko has gone back into a normal sort of routine – one hour nap during the day, then going to bed around 6.30-7pm. It’s lovely!! I no longer feel as if I’m going totally insane. I won’t tempt fate and say: “I hope it lasts!” though, I’m not going to say anything!!

    In February, I have to get used to leaving him alone for one day a week, I’m already traumatised. He, on the other hand, is desperate to “Go play-play” and “Play babies”…

  5. People give us funny looks because our 4-yr-old’s bedtime is still 7 on most days. But that’s normal for us, and it freaks me out when she actually takes a nap at preschool and throws off the schedule. Personally, I think it’s GREAT to have them in bed early and have the evening to yourselves.

    So glad you had a relaxing evening and things are returning to normal for you!

  6. when for some reason our two kids stay up late and we all go asleep in the same time I miss some ‘adult time’.
    There’s nothing special we do: discussing things, planning, watching a good film, perhaps…having normal conversation….

    I can totally hear you, S.W.

  7. I hate to be a harbinger of doom but you will just get her going to bed at a reasonable time and get some of your own time back then she will grow up and you will have her and her friends hanging around the house until all hours…. teenagers! You will then remember fixed bedtimes with fondness and long for the day when she went to bed at 10pm every night….:)

  8. I have yet to establish a fixed bedtime, always tried, always failed. He is in his room, but keeps coming down to talk to me. Or he needs water (there is water upstairs), Or….
    He announced a few days ago, that he really can not sleep unless I too am asleep.

    Hopefully you will succeed. People who have kids who go to bed at a certain time, and thus get some time to relax at night, I am sure are happier, more relaxed, thus better parents.

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