Something to Read and Someplace Warm


Something to read and someplace warm. Combine those two things and you get my idea of heaven, or at least my idea of a relaxing time. This relaxing time is more and more fleeting for me, I’m afraid. The rarity of these moments, however, is probably what makes me yearn for them so much.

I just don’t have a lot of time on my hands to really sink into a book. I get a few pages here or there, but I never get a day to just push through a book. It’s just how it is. As far as the “someplace warm” goes, you have to understand that I live in the Northeast United States. It’s probably not going to be warm here for another three or four months. Again, that’s just how it is. Combine this with the fact that I live in a nice, but cold house (forced air heat) and I don’t have a lot of warm moments.

You all know what I mean, though, right? Sitting in my favorite chair, feet propped up, book in my hands, and nowhere to go, wrapped nicely in a warm soft blanket. Sounds pretty good, huh?

What is your idea of a relaxing time?


7 thoughts on “Something to Read and Someplace Warm

  1. My bed is my cosy spot in the winter. My routine – hot bath, pyjamas, mug of hot chocolate and then snuggle into bed with a good book. Just finished ‘The Road’ by Cormac McCarthy. What an amazing book! Very sad and depressing but so beautifully written and ultimately full of hope, I’m not surprised it won the Pulizter prize for fiction this year. I am now reading something light and frothy to recover!

  2. My idea of a relaxing time changes constantly. More often than not, it’s what you described. Curling up with a good book and wasting an evening away. Other times it’s a dinner out with friends. Sometimes a nice walk or hike.

    Hrm, I feel quite old after reading that…

    Love the photo, by the way. Would be great to have a library full of old, leather-bound books.

  3. That sounds perfect.

    Add on, doing it freely, not with guilt “I should being doing this, that, or the other thing” hanging over you the whole time. Just cozy reading.

    A good movie would be nice too, one that really takes you somewhere special. I haven’t found such a movie to get lost in, in a long time.

  4. SzélsőFa – i hope you feel better and get that sleep 🙂

    Diane – That sounds like a good book. I hope you are able to get to that light and frothy book 🙂

    Wayne – Sound like a good evening

    Rob – I have given up trying to feel young 🙂 Also, the picture is from Wikimedia Commons. I’ll have to link to that.

    Taffiny – A good movie does the trick too. Stardust gave my wife and I that feeling when we saw it in the theater.

    Vesper – The picture is from Wikimedia Commons. I wish I had books like that 🙂

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