The Weekend that Wizz

Saturday, my wife, my daughter, and I took a little trip to Barnes and Noble (yay books!) to pick up a present for my Dad. As we were walking out to the car, we saw one of our neighbors that has been living just across the road from us for over a year, but whom we really hadn’t talked to before. We have tried, and even waved a few times, but never really got a response. Well this time we said hello and remarked on his new Jeep (it was still emblazoned with 2004 sticker on the windshield), but was still new to him. In response he offered a smile and an invitation to a party they were having that night. Without thinking I said something like “We’ll be there.” We then got in the car and went to Barnes and Noble.

My daughter fell asleep on the five mile drive and my wife and I took turns carrying her through the store. Did you ever notice kids seem to gain weight when they are asleep? It seems the weight of a child is inversely proportional to their level of alertness: a wide awake kid isn’t very heavy but a kid so sound asleep she is snoring weighs a thousand pounds.

Anyhow, we picked up a book for my Dad and in the meantime I had to force myself not to buy a book for me. I noticed a particularly interesting one titled Diaries 1969-1979: The Python Years. The book is written by Michael Palin from Monty Python and is taken from the diaries he has kept over the years. This one seems immensely interesting. I may be getting it from my sister for Christmas. Let’s keep our fingers crossed 🙂 .

When we got back from Barnes and Noble, my wife wanted to go straight over to the party. I started to panic. It’s just so intimidating to me to go over to someone’s house like that, even if we were invited. My wife assured me we would only go for a few minutes and then return home. We stayed for over an hour.

Chalk it up to Christmas spirit, I guess. We found our neighbors to be very friendly and the types of people I think we would hang out with more often. They went out of their way to help us feel welcome, even though we were the only outsiders to their group of friends. I am so glad we went over there.

On the writing front, I got a bit of a mention on Bernita’s blog the other day. She mentioned that her editor had read the contest entries and “She was also highly complimentary of entries # 6 (Charles Gramlich ), # 21 ( Jamie Smitten), # 10 ( StrugglingWriter), and # 12 ( Ric) “. How cool is that?

Well, that’s all from me. A gold star to anyone who made it to the end of this rambling entry 🙂

Be An M&M

Before I get into today’s post, I thought I would post a picture of myself as an M&M that my wife made for me. You can create yourself as an M&M at


A couple things about the photo. Yes, I’m a peanut M&M, because that’s how I roll (that’s the first and last time I’ll use that outdated phrase). Also, in this particular photo I have blond hair and robotic arms. I guess it’s more of a likeness than a portrait :).

Anyhow, I have other stuff to say but I thought you all might find this fun on a Monday morning.