Bleeding – At Least I’m Good At Something


I did something good yesterday, something I seem to be pretty good at: I bled. Actually, I donated blood, but saying “I bled” sounds cooler. I usually give blood every time I’m eligible, not because I’m such a great person, but more because it’s easy for me and it doesn’t hurt me at all. I guess I also do it for the selfish reason that it feels good to know I’m helping people.

After I was finished giving blood, they gave me a free long sleeve T-Shirt. It’s actually a pretty nice shirt. Pretty soon my entire wardrobe is going to consist of free Red Cross T-Shirts. Also, they gave us a chance to win an iPhone, if we register at the Red Cross web site. The funny thing is I registered on the site and it told me I have given blood 38 times (I’m not bragging, but I am proud). See, us Americans aren’t all bad 🙂

The only bad thing is that I have an ice hockey game to play tonight and since I gave blood yesterday, I doubt I’ll have my full energy level for the game. It’s my last game for a few weeks, though, so I will try to make the most of it. As long as I don’t pass out on the ice, I’ll be OK.

On an unrelated note, I have been trying to draw the steampunk animal for that story I mentioned the other day. I’m not much of an artist, but I’m going to give it a try. I need to see my idea on paper before I can describe it with words. Does this make sense?


21 thoughts on “Bleeding – At Least I’m Good At Something

  1. Good for you, being a blood donor and good luck with the ice hockey game – and take care, you don’t want to lose anymore blood…..

    I have just found the story and read it. I love it! I am indeed cheered up. Such a neat idea and I love that Santa uses Firefox (on a Mac I hope!) Definitely put it out again for this Christmas – or even write another one…. 🙂

  2. I’ve donated blood before. I need to again. As you said, sometimes it leaves you a bit fatigued for a day or so, but it doesn’t hurt you long-term by any means, and it certainly can help someone else!

    38 times is worth a hearty congratulations!

  3. Awesome! My husband has a red cross wardrobe, but he’s had to stop donating since he got really sick the last two or three times he went. I try, but they don’t want blood from my scrawny butt. Well, it’s not coming from my butt, but, well, you know. Wow this comment has degenerated.

    Oh and Santa should definitely use a Mac, especially with all the open source software available. You know, being a do-gooder and all, Santa must be on a budget!

  4. Michelle – Thanks for making me laugh 🙂 My wife can’t give either because she barely hits the weight limit and her blood pressure is too low.

    If I had bad experiences giving blood (like your husband), I’d probably stop too.

  5. Love, love, LOVE the poster! I’ve only given blood once – I forgot to eat beforehand and was pretty woozy afterwards. Silly girl. The last two times I tried, I was disqualified because I’d had a tattoo within the last 12 (or is it 18?) months.

  6. Right, so if I ever come across a thirsty vampire I can send him/her your way? 🙂

    Good for you for being a blood donor, I’ve always been too much of wuss to give it a go – I always say my blood is very attached to me…

    And of course not all Americans are bad guys! 😉

  7. Of course it makes sense! That kind of comes with the writer territory. Except, you’re switching it up a little bit. Normally, we put it down in words first, because the images are in our head. You my friend are drawing it, and then writing about it. The image is still from your head.
    BTW, this is curbxstomp, but I felt like making a completely seperate blog from school, because my teach is…trying not to get fired. 😀
    Good luck!

    p.s. I love being American, but I can’t donate blood because I’m not old enough.

  8. Wow, 38 times, good for you! I’ve actually never given blood, and I’ve been meaning to for some time now. Will have to make the effort to get out there.

    I know what you mean with the drawing. That’s one of the reasons I’d like to improve my drawing – to help visualize my writing ideas.

    Also, if Santa’s on a budget, it’s unlikely he’s going to be using a Mac. I’m just saying… 🙂

  9. Congratulations on being a blood donor!!

    I used to donate blood (and actually I did it some 10-15 times), but nowadays they refuse me b/c of the low hemoglobin count. It embarrasses me to be refused 😦
    Btw: I’m AB Rh+ My husband keeps telling me I’m have the most selfish type. *grins*
    How about and you?

    Re: drawing before writing – sounds pretty reasonable to me!
    Just go ahead!

  10. I’d love to donate blood, but they won’t let me. I lived in England for five months in the 1980s and they are afraid I will pass along mad cow disease or something. Ah, well.

    Luckily, I CAN be a marrow donor. I’m on the National Registry and have been called twice. Second time they did further tests and said there was a 1 in 40 chance that I’d be a match. I wasn’t. Bummer!

  11. Re: the drawing, I created a collage for the most recent book I wrote. It really helped me visualize the themes of the story, as well as the characters. So I can totally see how drawing the animal would help you.

    Good for you on the blood donation. Every time I’ve given blood or had it taken the phlebotomists comment on how good my veins are. I wonder if I can put that on a resume?

  12. writinggb – they always ask that question. I can’t believe a yes to it would actually disqualify you to give.

    paperback writer – that’s why I’m here 🙂

    Jaye Wells – the collage sounds like a good idea as well. As far as the resume, I say go ahead and put it on there, maybe at the end. They never read the end anyhow 🙂

  13. I am not at all good about giving away my blood. “Mine, mine, mine!”. Plus needles scare and hurt me. I was black and blue for weeks after the last time I gave blood (for purpose of tests, not to be a good person or anything).

    How lucky we are to have people like you, it is a great thing to donate blood. You should certainly be proud.

    Makes total sense to me that you can’t fully describe it, till you find, and tag it down, on drawing paper. I draw, and have painted and collaged boxes, and I find people in magazines or what not, so I can see them clearer.

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