The Fairy Tales of J.K. Rowling


For those who are interested, I did not pass out at my hockey game last night. In fact, I felt pretty good. I guess my body was recovered enough from giving blood that it wasn’t a problem. Maybe all the Christmas cookies and goodies I consumed during work helped!

Remember that new story last week about that book, J.K. Rowling’s The Tales of Beedle the Bar, of which only seven copies were made? The one that was bought at auction for $4 million with the proceeds going to charity? Well, the secret buyer turned out to be and they have posted some pictures and excerpts from the book on the web. A warning to all of you book lovers out there: You may drool.

The book is handwritten, beautifully bound, and even contains drawings by the author.  Check out the pictures.  They are wonderful.  There are also excerpts from the text.

My hope is that Ms. Rowling someday decides to release these tales either in book form or electronically.  We’ll see if that ever happens.  In the meantime, we can look at the pictures and wonder what is inside.